Energy Minute – 07/17/2019

Energy New: Texas
David Blackmon In The Oil Patch Featured

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Well, the Permian mason gets almost all the attention for its massive oil production these days. The East Texas field remains the largest producing single reservoir ever discovered in Texas, ever just defined all in the area around Kilgore began in 1911 but production from the prolific Woodbine formation did not begin until the partnership between HL Hunt and dad joiner brought in the daisy Bradford number three discover you well in 1930 that well came in at an initial production right of 22,000 barrels a day and created one of the most active all booms in the state’s history today. The East Texas field has produced about 6 billion barrels of oil, still the most of any single oil field and the lower 48 states. I’m David Blackmon and that is your Energy Minute.

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