Energy Minute – 07/16/2019

Energy New: Texas
David Blackmon In The Oil Patch Featured

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The famous middle top gusher often gets credit for the creation of the Texas Hall business drilled in 1901 the Lucas well remains the biggest gusher ever drilled in Texas, but it wasn’t the first. All seats were discovered by native Americans and used for medicinal purposes centuries before the arrival of the first European in 1543 the survivors of the desoto expedition were recorded as using seat door. All this caulking for their boats. The first producing oil well in the state was drilled in 1866 near Melrose and nacadocious county. The driller used an auger fastened to a pipe and rotated by a cog wheel driven by a steam engine. A basic principle of rotary drilling that is been the staple of the industry ever since. I’m David Blackman and that is your energy minute.

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