Energy Minute – 07/18/2019

Energy News: Low Oil Price - 07/29/2019
Ryan Sitton In The Oil Patch Featured

In The Oil Patch Radio Show is proud to bring you this week’s energy minute produced by Here’s Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sinton with your current industry update:

Crude oil prices fell by more than 3% or just under $2 yesterday to close the day at $57.61 per barrel. Following comments from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying that Iran is ready to begin negotiations about its missile program, continued uncertainty about China’s economy. Prospects also pressured prices lower after data on Monday. Show that growth in the country slow to 6.2% from a year earlier, the weakest pace in 27 years. Nymex natural gas prices also declined by over 3% and closed the day down $0.09 at $2.32 per mmbtu. This is Ryan Sitton and that’s your energy minute.

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