Honorable Ryan Zinke to join Texas-based Pipeline Company in advisory position

Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke, former U.S. Secretary of the Interior, has joined Cressman Tubular of Dallas, TX, in an advisory role. After his tenure as both commander in Navy SEAL Team Six and member of the president’s cabinet, Secretary Zinke looks to make his mark on the U.S. steel industry. In his advisory capacity Zinke will focus on issues of supply-chain management and its relationship to local industry.

Cressman Tubular is a family-owned stocking distributor of API tubing, casing, and line pipe. Founded by Art Cressman, the company has been in operation 1978, opening shop in the years after Cressman finished serving in the Navy. Cressman and Zinke became friends after realizing that Cressman served in the same Navy duty station in Europe that Zinke, a former Navy Seal, retired from years later. Each also has a son born at the same London hospital.

As long-time friends and business partners, Zinke and Cressman are looking to take on the U.S. steel market, largely dominated by internationally-backed conglomerates. Smaller, family-owned suppliers, such as Cressman Tubular, are often overlooked by U.S. steel mills and are thus forced buy pipe and casing from outside the U.S.

In a time when oil and gas production booms, both Cressman and Zinke urge partners in the industry to strengthen the American supply chain for line pipe and casing.

At an event in Midland, TX earlier this year Zinke expressed concern about lagging infrastructure development in comparison to the speed of production. It’s issues like these he and Cressman hope to tackle through their partnership.

“I’m very conscious of and support a ‘made in America‘ supply chain. Not necessarily 100 percent, but a robust supply chain with diverse suppliers,” he said to the Midland Reporter Telegram in May.

With Zinke’s experience with American industry and Cressman’s commitment to quality customer service and competitive pricing, the two will work to secure new partnerships with American steel mills.

“We are thrilled to have someone of Ryan’s caliber joining the Cressman Tubular team,” said CEO and founder Art Cressman. “His distinguished career in service to his country aligns with our desire to support American industry, and I am confident Ryan’s experience and trusted counsel will bring incredible value to Cressman Tubular moving forward.”

About Cressman Tubular
Cressman Tubular was founded by Art Cressman in 1978. For over four decades, Cressman has operated as a trusted provider of API tubing, casing and line pipe. Visit www.cressmantubular.com to learn more.


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