Wayne Christian, Texas Railroad Commission on ITOP

Wayne Christian, Texas Railroad Commission on ITOP

Join Kym Bolado and David Blackmon as they speak with Wayne Christian, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission. 

From the transcript:

Kym Bolado: We have potentially a matter of national security going on with oil and gas here in the United States. Basically, we have a lot of international companies that are wanting to acquire oil and gas properties here in the United States. Tell us what’s wrong with this. How potentially catastrophic could this be for us?

Wayne Christian: Well, Kym, it came from an interview much like this, and that’s the good service that you do as an honest broadcaster. I was having a discussion with a national media, and I mentioned that just like we were seeing, and it had been proven, that the national security threat of having our pharmaceuticals produced overseas and the federal Congress and administration … we’re now moving that production back to the United States because it was an item of national security.

Well, at this time, several of our independent companies or midsize companies are going bankrupt in the state of Texas and are being bought out by the larger international companies. A lot of the people on the board and the ownership of shareholders of those international corporations are not our friends. They’re the Saudis and Chinese who have virtually attacked us already.

Just like we don’t want to wake up to pharmaceuticals being produced by enemies when we’re sick, we don’t want to wake up in three to four years to find out that the production control are from international companies, which are controlled by our enemies, and they are saying how much we can or cannot produce in the United States. So, we’re at the helm of an international company of what our United States, oil production is, or is not. That is an item of national security.

I’ve been working with the department of energy, both of our senators up in Washington and several congressmen, but they are very concerned of that. And we’re addressing that issue of concern. Their desire also is we do need to bring back petrochemical production to the United States, which are jobs and the use of those natural resources to increase the economy we have in the United States off of this new discovery we have in West Texas and other oil and gas production.

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