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texas flag in field of bluebonnets PCBTDMM
texas flag in field of bluebonnets PCBTDMM

It’s long been a mission at SHALE Oil & Gas Business Magazine to promote the good works of area nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations. We have a unique view of the community work done by many of these charitable organizations. Accordingly, it became obvious to us that we have an opportunity to share these organizations’ missions with our readers and give recognition to the hard work and dedication the volunteers selflessly provide to bring these organizations to life in the pursuit of helping others.

The organizations we have awarded our Premier Organization Award to are specific to the energy industry. Each of these groups have in some way endeavored to benefit energy professionals, families and the communities in which energy employees live and work. We have unearthed the best-of-the-best in many Texas metropolitan areas, but undoubtedly there are many other organizations doing wonderful work in Texas and throughout the U.S. With time, we hope to feature many more groups and their efforts.

It’s our great honor to share these organizations with SHALE readers. There is nothing greater or selfless than the heart of a volunteer. Help us to recognize these supportive and charitable organizations and their members.

Corpus Christi: HALO-Flight

Halo Flight LogoMission: HALO-Flight’s mission is to provide emergency medical transport for critically ill or injured persons that require immediate attention at a medical or trauma facility within our South Texas service area. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons, regardless of their ability to pay. We chose to highlight this organization in the Corpus Christi area because of the sheer importance of its mission. Not only is the organization helping those in critical need, but they do so without the promise of payment for their service.

HALO-Flight began offering emergency air transportation in 1987. Since that time, HALO-Flight has helped thousands of critically ill and injured patients to receive treatment quickly and safely. When minutes can mean the difference between good and bad outcomes, HALO-Flight has certainly made a great impact in Corpus Christi and the surrounding region.

Dallas: Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Mission: The Society of Women Engineers (SWE) strives to engage and support women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity in the workforce. SWE, founded in 1950, is a not-for-profit educational and service organization. SWE is the driving force that promotes engineering as a highly desirable career choice for women. SWE empowers women with aspirations to succeed and advance, and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders. SWE supports the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in engineering through career resources, professional development and one-to-one networking opportunities.

One of SWE’s objectives is to inform young women, their parents, counselors and the general public of the qualifications and achievements of women engineers, and the opportunities that are open to them to become engineers themselves. SWE Outreach programs impact tens of thousands of K–12 students each year. The Dallas section of SWE sponsors two large K–12 Outreach events per year, dubbed Design Your World – STEM Conference for Girls. This program has reached and inspired over 1,500 girls since 2012.

We chose to honor this organization because of its work in the community and within the engineering industry to promote diversity, inclusion and growth. This is a very active organization doing really great work in their community.

Houston: Women’s Energy Network (WEN)

Women's Energy Network Houston (WEN Houston)Mission: The Women’s Energy Network (WEN) is an international organization of professional men and women who work across the energy value chain. Their mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities and to foster career and leadership development of our members who work in the energy industries. WEN Houston was the founding chapter, which eventually gave rise to the creation of other chapters around the world, developing into an international organization. This group focuses on men and women in the energy industry, providing them with professional growth opportunities and fostering the development of new skills.

WEN Houston regularly hosts luncheons for members and guests. The luncheons feature speakers who are exceptional leaders in energy or other relevant businesses. Over the years WEN has added happy hours, leadership seminars, webinars and mentoring groups to its list of member benefits.

WEN is very active in the community and provides its members a variety of opportunities to give back through volunteering and charity-oriented events.

Permian Basin: Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs (ADDC) Midland

Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs MidlandMission: The Association of Desk and Derrick Clubs (ADDC) Midland aims to enhance and foster a positive image to the global community by promoting the contribution of the petroleum, energy and allied industries through education, using all available resources. ADDC is a large organization with chapters spanning the United States and into Canada. This organization emphasizes providing insight and knowledge on energy topics to its members and the community. The organization is broad in that members can be working, studying or simply interested in the petroleum or energy industries. The organization serves as a credible source, an educator and a facilitator of the sharing of information to improve public knowledge of this crucial industry.

ADDC serves nearly 1,500 individuals employed in or affiliated with the petroleum, energy and allied service industries. There are 48 ADDC clubs in 7 regions throughout the United States and Canada.

The Midland chapter of ADDC is actively promoting the energy industry and education programs in their region.

San Antonio: San Antonio Pipeliners Young Professionals Organization (YPO)

San Antonio Pipeliners Association - Young Professionals OrganizationMission: The primary goal of the Young Professionals Organization (YPO) is to provide a unique, collaborative forum to network, socialize and develop camaraderie among young energy and midstream professionals in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. The YPO seeks to develop and enhance relationships among its peers through a unique blend of various activities, such as professional and personal development sessions, field trips, community service activities and happy hours. The YPO is aligned with the San Antonio Pipeliners Association (SAPA) to provide a forum for young energy professionals to make new contacts, and grow professionally and socially. There are many organizations available to assist in the growth of skills and knowledge, but there is also a need in every young professional’s career to meet new people and broaden their reach through networking.

The YPO is also active in supporting SAPA and hosts several events each year, including the Fall Midstream Open Golf Tournament and the Spring Midstream Classic Clay Shoot.
In addition to the amazing networking opportunities the group facilitates throughout the year, the YPO is passionate about giving back to the San Antonio community through various volunteer initiatives.


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