New York City: Rustic Table


Consider a quick and quaint dining experience: farm-style dishes carefully crafted to fit a healthy yet interesting, inviting and intimate experience. The premise is small and seats about 30 people at a time. The atmosphere may feel somewhere in the realm of a market, in and out, so you are ready to go on with your day.

“It was scary when we started. We really wanted to go along with something fresh and different. We had no idea whether or not it would work,” say Rustic Table owners Jordan Hadani and Guy Weizmann. Having owned and worked at B Cup Cafe, a West Village institution for more than 10 years, Weizmann’s focus is centered around coffee. “I wanted a fine espresso experience, to offer our take on the perfect blend,” he says.

“We partnered with some local guys in Queens, who source super high-quality beans from Colombia. We came up with a blend [that] is somewhere between the pungent-bitter traditional Italian espresso and the fine espresso culture of the West Coast.” The coffee offered is straight and to the point, no choice of sizes, just the traditional European coffee experience.

“We started here, us four, my mum, myself, my partner and his wife,” Hadani explains. “We tried ideas for a couple of days, and then we thought to combine chickpeas, slow-cooked brisket, eggs and tahini. We called it the ‘Early Lunch.’ People [have] loved it ever since!”

Rustic Table offers a new take on food in the westernmost part of Hell’s Kitchen: Mediterranean with a bit of Italian, some French pastries, North African food characteristics and some Ashkenazi soups in the winter. The tables and seats are made of reclaimed wood and threaded pipes, all adhering to the rustic look.


Email [email protected] or visit for more information about the restaurant and menu.


Photos courtesy of Rustic Table


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