The Dozen Things you need to know in oil and gas today.
Operating oil and gas well profiled on sunset sky

What You Need to Know in Oil and Gas Today – 5.1.2018

Here are the Top Dozen Oil & Gas stories for May 1, 2018, taken directly from the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed:

I got no problem with that.: Texas Billionaire Cashes In As Marathon Grabs Andeavor To Become Biggest U.S. Oil Refiner via @forbes

Click-bait headline of the century.: Oil Hedge Fund Manager Says $300 Oil ‘Not Impossible’  via @markets

The headlines on this daily update are priceless.: Oil prices stumble, but threat of US sanctions on Iran limits losses 

Go figure.: At offshore summit, dry land in West Texas dominates conference chatter  via @HoustonChron

So, sort of like every other industry, and society in general.: Oil industry’s future seen more automated, leaner, skilled but fewer workers – Oil | Platts News Article & Story

They should, but you can bet that Hamas won’t let them.: Saudi Crown Prince: Palestinians should take what the U.S. offers 

Huh?: Why Exxon isn’t enjoying America’s big oil party via @CNNMoney

Maybe so, maybe no.: Why Texas Oil Bottleneck Could Be Good News for Global Crude Prices  via @BarronsOnline

So much not true in that headline. Holy cow.: N. Dakota struck oil, but Houston took the profits. [Opinion]  via @HoustonChron

Well, yeah, exactly.: More pipelines needed to meet environmental goals  via @HoustonChron

Yet another fake anti-Fracking study. So tiresome.: Songbird That Needs Clean Streams Threatened By Fracking 

Ooops. Time for another rocket launch and 37 press releases praising Elon Musk.:
Tesla doesn’t burn fuel, it burns cash  via @bbgvisualdata

That’s all for today.  Check back in tomorrow for another dozen Things You Need To Know In Oil And Gas Today.

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