What You Need to Know in Oil and Gas Today – 4.11.2018


Here are the Top Dozen Oil & Gas stories for April 11, 2018, taken directly from the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed:

Our good news/bad news story of the day.: U.S. saw record natural gas production in 2017  via @houstonchron

I love how all these media outlets want to pretend Big Oil has never used computers before now. #smdh: Big Oil’s new favorite toy: Supercomputers via @WSJ

You sure about that, Chet?: U.S. Oil Debt Eases, Meaning Drillers Target Next Shale Play  via @markets

They’ve been hibernating: Seen any oil bears lately? Didn’t think so  via @gadfly

The next election puts them at even bigger risk.: Lack of regulatory coordination puts Mexican petroleum projects at risk: CRE – Oil | Platts News Article & Story

It’s a tough nut to crack.:  FERC, Perry Struggle To Define And Address Grid Resiliency via @forbes

That’s getting a little up there, isn’t it?: Saudi Arabia signals ambition for oil prices at $80 a barrel  via @markets

…as he works behind the scenes to kill it.: Trans Mountain pipeline extension will be built, Trudeau vows via @torontostar

Headlines we see every Spring.: Why this summer might be a test for the Texas electric grid 

World class resources attract worldwide investors.: Exxon, Qatar in talks on U.S. shale deal  via @WSJ

Climate alarm piece of the week.: Air pollution in Houston/Galveston region could increase under EPA-created loophole, study finds  via @HoustonChron

That’s all for today.  Check back in tomorrow for another dozen Things You Need To Know In Oil And Gas Today.

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