What You Need to Know in Oil and Gas Today – 3.13.2018

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AdobeStock 69010415

Here are the Top Dozen Oil & Gas stories for March 13, 2018, taken directly from the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed:

It’s an intense debate for sure.:  Debating The Permanence Of The Permian Shale Boom via @forbes

Please. Just a negotiating tactic.  Why must the media overreact to every damn thing?: A surge in U.S. oil shipments to Asia threatens to undermine a OPEC’s deal to reduce output.  via @BloombergQuint

Mexico does not need this giant step backwards.: Top candidate Andres Manuel López Obrador plots big shake up for Mexico’s oil industry  via @WSJ

Every month is a new record.: U.S. shale output seen hitting record 6.95 million bpd in April – EIA

Oil, at record production levels, is “fading”???? Holy crap.: Coal is out and oil is fading, making natural gas the fossil fuel of choice  via @HoustonChron

Really? You sure you can trace an 11 cent drop specifically to this single factor? Hooboy.: Oil prices dip on relentless rise in US crude output

Meet the new sheriffs, same as the old sheriffs.: We’ve Got Some New Sheriffs In Energy Town – And Their Names Are Oil And Gas  via @dailycaller

An amazing project goes live.: Chevron Phillips Chemical launches Baytown ethane cracker  via @HoustonChron

True story here. The inflammatory headline writer must have the day off.: Energy has best chance of bringing angry NAFTA nations back to their senses in a trade war 

Not on life support yet, but getting close.: Saudi Aramco’s international listing is said to be looking increasingly problematic 

Yes, for very good reason: it’s a fantasy.: Peak oil demand, a theory with many doubters via @expressnews

Because they won’t.: IEA Does Not Believe Steel Tariffs Will Affect Global Oil Trade | OilPrice.com  #oilprice

That’s all for today.  Check back in tomorrow for another dozen Things You Need To Know In Oil And Gas Today.

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