What are the hidden costs of HR management? How can a PEO like UniqueHR help?

Human Resources

Human Resources

The amount of HR support an organization’s workforce receives is defined as HR cost per employee. By determining this cost, companies can evaluate whether spending should increase, decrease, or shift towards investing in additional HR resources. 

According to the Gartner HR Budget and Efficiency Benchmark Report, the average HR cost per employee is $2,441. The average cost varies depending on the industry and necessary staff skill levels. For instance, the medical and industrial industries typically have a higher cost per employee than is found in the retail or manufacturing segment. In addition, cost per employee tends to be lower for larger organizations with more employees because costs are spread.

UniqueHR’s team of experts helps to manage employees and streamline operations and efficiently handle administrative tasks through a co-employment relationship. 

This allows small to mid-sized businesses to offer HR, payroll, and competitive employee benefits. Our team also provides payroll compliance, tax processing, HR support, workers’ compensation, time and attendance, and consulting.  

Through co-employment, UHR acts as the employer of record, alleviating payroll and tax burdens as well as sharing employee-related and legal responsibilities of your company.

As a result, our clients are better able to produce high-quality HR outcomes for employees — allowing their team to attract and retain talent, a responsibility traditional HR resources have become overburdened with in recent years. 

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