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Lubricating Oil Flash Point Testing

Testing the Oil flash point of a lubricating oil is an excellent way to determine the status of seals in light-end compressors.  Most new oils have a flash point above 400 degrees F.  A falling flash point indicates that process gas is getting in your lubricant, and it is time to start planning their replacement.  To complicate matters, flash point tests come in two styles:  Open Cup and Closed Cup.  All new oil specifications use Open Cup, but the best method for early detection is Closed Cup.  If you don’t already have flash point testing as part of your lube oil analysis package, adding it can greatly increase your visibility into the health of your equipment.

Troy Goldman: A Certified Lubrication Specialist

Troy Goldman believes that quality lubricants are a company’s best preventative measure and solution to most equipment reliability problems.  Before joining Sun Coast Resources, Inc. Troy worked at MRT Laboratories and has been recognized as a Certified Lubrication Specialist by the STLE.  During his time at MRT, Troy focused on analytical testing of used lubricants with the hopes of predicting and preventing unscheduled maintenance events.  Noticing the link between fluid contamination and equipment failure, Troy took interest in Chevron’s ISOCLEAN products and services and joined Sun Coast to take an active role in promoting reliability based lubricants.

ISOCLEAN Products and Services

“By establishing cleanliness baselines and monitoring the progress through oil analysis, we expect end users of ISOCLEAN products and services will realize significant savings by reducing unplanned maintenance and increasing production.  Studies have already shown that by maintaining manufacturer’s cleanliness levels, the expected life of hydraulic systems can be extended by as much as seven times.  And, the easiest way for end users to get there is by utilizing certified clean lubricants.”

Troy Goldman


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