What You Need To Know In Oil And Gas Today – 7.18.2017

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AdobeStock 3856437

Here are the Top Dozen Oil & Gas stories for July 18, 2017, taken directly from the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed:

That’s how it works, right?  For some reason, the Dallas Morning News thinks this is controversial.  Holy cow.: Rick Perry’s message on LNG exports: ‘If you meet the rules, here’s your permit’ https://www.dallasnews.com/business/energy/2017/07/18/rick-perrys-message-lng-exports-texas-meet-rules-permit

It just. never. ends.: U.S. uncompleted well backlog hangs over oil market: Kemp

Why yes, they would.: Venezuelan oil sanctions would have ‘huge’ impact on Texas refineries, consumers via @mySA

The “science” is fake, but popular: Fracking pollution stays in waterways long after the fracking is done  @PopSci

Not sure who this would benefit.: Trump administration weighing sanctions on imports of Venezuelan oil 

Up and down, up and down, up…: Oil dips on rising US crude inventories, high OPEC supplies 

Along with economic boom, wealth.: Apache, oil drilling, become part of life in Balmorhea via @houstonchron

Cool.: Company gets lease agreement at Port of Corpus Christi; plans pipeline to Mexico  via @callerdotcom

#GodBlessTexas.: NuStar Energy moves forward with two cross-border pipeline projects via @SABizJournal

Fracking says “You’re welcome.”: BASF expands in Houston area  via @HoustonChron

Don’t delay – repeal.: House approves Texan’s bill to delay Obama-era ozone standards for reducing pollution 

The more debunking, the better.: Debunking the 100% Renewables Fantasy

That’s all for today.  Check back in tomorrow for another dozen Things You Need To Know In Oil And Gas.


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