Mike Howard – In the Oil Patch Radio

Mike Howard - In the Oil Patch

Mike Howard of Howard Energy is this weeks special guest and joins us on In the Oil Patch Radio show to discuss whats going on in energy news, politics, the coronavirus and more on this weeks show!

A little about Mike Howard:

I’m from South Texas and I was born and raised. My dad was an AG teacher so I knew nothing about the oil and gas business. When I decided to go to university and chose chemical engineering, it was because that the highest paying job that I could receive from that university. So it wasn’t a moral cause I would call it, call it whatever I chose chemical engineering. It was because that was a great degree, interesting part about South Texas is there is a lot of oil and gas there. And my university projects centered around oil and gas field plants and compressor stations and pipelines. And so our class projects and our internships were around that. That started my career into union Pacific resources, which was an oil and gas company with pipelines and plants. I went to Duke energy field services. I got into management and away from engineering. Went across Tech’s energy to energy transfer. I became president of that company. It was very large at the time. It’s gotten much larger since then and I started Howard Energy. I wanted a company, I wanted to design a company that I wanted to work for, one that I wanted to show up to work every day and do something meaningful. So our vision has always been to be a meaningful endeavor and that can mean a lot to a lot of different people.

Mike Howard of Howard Energy offers an integrated mainstream platform that include infrastructure and services from wellhead to market. They provide innovative thinking, cost-effective solutions and quality service. Their goal is to be the best midstream partner in the industry.


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