On In the Oil Patch : Michael Mayers From Aggreko

Michael Mayers - Aggreko - on ITOP

Interview with Michael Mayers, Business Development Manager for Aggreko

I’m your host Kym Bolado. And today we have a great show lined up for you. We’re going to be joined by Michael Mayers, who is the business development manager for Aggreko. Michael, welcome to the In The Oil Patch Radio Show, glad you could be here. You know, we’ve had a great partnership with Aggreko for quite a few years, and I’m excited because I’m meeting you for the first time. We typically meet the same crew and talk about kind of the same stuff, what Aggreko is doing in the Permian Basin, what they’re doing in Eagle Ford. And of course, Aggreko is just this massive global company. So, I want to start there for our listeners. Tell us a little bit about what area you’re focusing on as the business development manager, and then a little bit about the whole entire company of Aggreko.

Introduction to Aggreko: A Global Company with a Focus on the Oil and Gas Sector

Sure. Well, let me start with Aggreko. Aggreko is a company that’s based in Scotland. We are publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange and our North American corporate headquarters is in Houston.

Michael Mayers: Focusing on the Oil and Gas Sector in North America

I am involved specifically in what we refer to as the oil and gas sector, and the continental U.S., basically all of Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Dakota, those areas, I do not call as far West as California, but, basically, as a BDM business development manager, I’m pretty much involved with most of the oil and gas sector here in North America.

The Next Question :

And would you say it’s a fair statement to say that most of what you are working on since it’s an oil and gas section is going to be focusing on the Texas region since there’s two pretty decent sized shale plays going on – the Permian Basin area that everybody’s familiar with and Eagle Ford?.

Expanding Beyond Texas: Aggreko’s Involvement in the Delaware and Other States

It has been, but it’s also expanded that we’re also in the Delaware, which is the New Mexico area right across the board from Texas. That’s very, very busy, as you’re probably aware. And they’ve got severe issues with power, both in the quality of power and quantity of power. So we’ve been quite busy there as well. And then, of course, a number of other states, as I mentioned, Colorado, Oklahoma, and even up into Canada.

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