How API Is Working To ”Power Past Politics”

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It seems that everything, even basic necessities like energy, has become highly political today. But our conversation about American energy doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why the American Petroleum Institute is calling on voters, candidates, and the media to put aside partisanship with its “Power Past Politics” effort. It’s time to change assumptions and old stereotypes. It’s time for solutions. It’s time to focus our energy on building better lives, today and tomorrow. As we approach November, our leaders need to understand that energy infrastructure is a basic necessity that should unite our communities, not be a source of division.

Energy infrastructure, and the natural gas and oil it provides, unites us in ways we don’t always consider. It’s not just about turning on lights or fueling cars, it’s about lifting families out of poverty, giving greater access to advanced technologies, and creating lifesaving products that are essential to daily lives. Look around: You’ll see natural gas and oil playing a key role in every aspect of our lives. From our computers, tablets, and smartphones to the medicine that keeps us alive to the fabrics in our clothes, natural gas and oil are everywhere. American energy is powering progress. But for all Americans to have the best opportunities for a better future, we need energy to reach across the entire nation with expanded energy infrastructure.

It would be a mistake to oppose infrastructure projects under the banner of environmental protection because, simply put, we don’t have to choose between affordable energy and the environment. Just consider that thanks to natural gas, our air is cleaner than it’s been in decades. Carbon emissions are at a 25-year low. Natural gas is providing cleaner, more efficient ways to generate power, all while the United States is leading the world in production. And pipelines, which essential for the transport of natural gas, are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to move fuel. Because of this, there is no question that we can rely on American natural gas and oil and leave a better environment for future generations.

There is also no question that we can expand infrastructure while protecting the safety of workers and the public. Safety is the number one priority for American energy companies and employees. Much of nation’s workforce that is supported by the energy industry-10.3 million strong-live and work in the same communities where energy is developed, transported, and processed. They are committed to protecting their families alongside their neighbors, providing opportunity for growth and prosperity, and lending a helping hand. State-of-the-art monitoring, strict government regulations, regular pipeline inspections, and “smart” technology ensure that our energy infrastructure is as safe as possible.

No longer must we choose between abundant, reliable energy and a healthy tomorrow. Instead, let’s choose sensible solutions over fear and politics, and hold our candidates and elected officials accountable. Working together, we can make this a reality. Learn more about APl’s Power Past Politics effort by visiting

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