Environmental Extremists Want to Block a Return to Business

Environmental Extremists Want to Block a Return to Business

This is a unique time. The healthy are quarantined along with the sick. This is the world environmental extremists have dreamed of for decades. You may be ready to return to work and get your business up and running again, but if they get their way, that won’t happen. Jamie Margolin, in an op-ed piece for Teen Vogue, said, “If we can shut the world down to stop a virus, that also means it is possible to do the same for climate change. Treat all emergencies like emergencies! What would it look like when the world actually decides to take on the climate crisis? It would look like what we’re seeing right now.” 

It is time for a Truth Talk

Thursday, April 30, Marco Morano, creator of the film “Climate Hustle” and author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change,” and James Taylor, President of the Heartland Institute, presented a Truth Talk through Zoom. The topic: “Is the Coronavirus Lockdown the Future the Environmentalists Want?” Reading again the quote by Jamie Margolin, it certainly appears to be the case. And Jamie is not the only one. Here is a quote from the UK Guardian, “The mass shutdowns we now experience – likely necessary in a pandemic – could provide a model for imposing harsh actions to curb carbon emissions that activists consider as great or greater threats than the virus itself.”

Environmental Extremists forgot emissions were down before the virus

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think continuing mass shutdown or re-imposing them in the future is the correct way to handle carbon emissions. Emissions are down now, yes. But they were down and going down before the lockdowns came.  The rising use of natural gas is reducing emissions incredibly. Look at China and India, the biggest polluters in the world. They still use mostly coal, and their emissions are through the roof – or atmosphere, if you will. During the Truth Talk, James Taylor made an excellent point. Risk is part of living a life that is vibrant and enjoyable. That is not being callous to those who have lost their lives; it is simply acknowledging those who are still living. Marc Morano likened it to speed limits. Car crashes happen every day across the country. If we are serious about keeping everyone safe, why not reduce the speed limit to 10mph? Everyone would be safe. No serious wrecks. It is the means to an end, but do the means justify the end? Lockdowns for the sake of emissions? No, thank you. I want to live, run my business, and take care of my family in the way that living in America is supposed to guarantee that I can.

Environmental extremists have been creating and pointing to models for decades. They must continue creating them because when the old models are proven grossly wrong, new ones must take their place. Sounds like the model predictions for the coronavirus. Those original models put the world on lockdown. Now we are being asked to trust the environmental extremist’s models that have never been right and stay locked down? Really?  

Do your homework, don’t leave it to the “experts”

According to the “experts” destruction of the natural environment through farming, mining and housing are bringing about things like the current pandemic.  Let’s, just for a moment, pretend green energy is capable of handling the energy needs of the world. The number of wind turbines and solar panels needed to create that kind of power would completely destroy the natural environment. Until something cleaner, more efficient, and more affordable than natural gas is invented, these environmental extremists are going to have to learn they cannot have it both ways. 

America the beautiful

The curve is flattening. It’s time to get back to living. In this country, being able to open and run a business to better one’s self and family is the American way. Don’t settle for the “new normal” that the environmental extremists want. America has one of the cleanest environments in the world, and we have the abundance of natural gas that came from the shale boom to thank. Let’s get back to work, like Americans.


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