Energy Minute – 7/12/2019

Energy News: Low Oil Price - 07/29/2019
Ryan Sitton In The Oil Patch Featured

In The Oil Patch Radio Show is proud to bring you this week’s energy minute produced by! Here’s Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton with your current industry update:

This is Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan’s sitting with your energy minute. Tensions continue to rise in the Middle East as Iranian military boats tried to seize a British tanker near the Strait of Hormuz. This came after threats that this would happen following the seizure by UK officials of an Iranian tanker earlier this week. Along with the increased attention tropical storm Barre is set to cross the Gulf of Mexico over the upcoming days and could curtail crude oil production. This has caused at WTI prices to settle above $60 per barrel for the first time in weeks at $60 and 46 cents while natural gas closed the day down, 4 cents at $2.41 per mmbtu.

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