Energy Minute – 07/09/2019

Energy New: Texas
David Blackmon In The Oil Patch Featured

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We can do a lot to save the climate by switching from coal to natural gas. That is the major finding of a new scientific analysis conducted by the Norwegian University of Science and technology. The study shows that natural gas fired power plants are more efficient than coal plants and electricity from gas where reduce climate impacts by 50% or in the short term and up to two thirds and the longer term a new report from Texans for natural gas fines at Texas. As we come and exporting powerhouse thanks to the ongoing oil and gas boom during the my energy exports, Laredo past Los Angeles in March of this year as the nation’s top trade port, the value of Texas monthly crude exports increased by more than 1780% from 2016 through 2018 I’m David Blackman and that is your energy minute.

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