Diamonds Direct Provides Clarity on What You Need to Know Before Investing in Fine Jewelry

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They say diamonds are forever, so if you’re investing in a special piece of jewelry, it’s crucial to have education on the product. Whether you’re looking to get engaged, find the perfect anniversary gift or push present or simply want to expand your collection, Diamonds Direct is sharing the inside scoop on all things fine jewelry. As a worldwide leader in diamond sourcing and consumer education, the brand knows a thing or two about what to keep in mind when you’re in the market for some new bling.

Know your budget

First things first, take a look at your funds and determine a realistic budget for your special piece. For engagement rings, the age-old rule of having to spend three months’ worth of your salary has become outdated. The good news is that there are beautiful pieces out there for every budget, and you can even utilize options like financing. Based on your finances, the diamond expert you work with will be able to assist you in finding the perfect piece that fits within your desired price range. 

Find a reputable jeweler that you trust

Finding a company that has a proven track record of happy customers, transparency, and a good reputation is crucial. Purchasing fine jewelry is an important decision, and knowing that you are receiving the highest quality product for the best possible price can give you peace of mind. Founded in 1995, Diamonds Direct is part of a generations-old tradition of eliminating the middlemen and sourcing directly from the world’s best mines and most reputable diamond cutters. By maintaining involvement in the entire lifecycle of a diamond, the company ensures quality diamonds are handpicked for their retail locations across the United States at the very best prices. 

Learn about the “4Cs”

You’ve heard about the 4Cs, but what do they mean and which of them is really the most important? The 4Cs are carat, cut, clarity and color. Carat measures the weight of a diamond, cut measures how well a diamond’s facets interact with light, clarity refers to the absence of inclusions and blemishes, and a diamond’s color is actually graded based on the absence of color. Each of these factors is used in the process of determining the value of a diamond. Diamonds Direct places a major focus on cut, which can completely impact the visual appeal of the diamond. Each diamond is handpicked based on visual beauty — so you can feel confident knowing you’re truly getting the best-looking diamonds for the best value. 

Check out merchandise options

Having expansive merchandise options when choosing your piece can mean not having to settle or compromise and will ensure you find exactly what you want. As you browse jewelers, look for a company that has a range of pieces to choose from, including loose and mounted diamonds, a wide range of carat sizes and a multitude of designs. Diamonds Direct holds an impressive inventory equivalent to 30 traditional jewelry stores. That assortment comes from over 50 of the nation’s top designers and their own in-house brand and includes engagement ring mountings by America’s top designers, wedding bands, pendants, earrings, bracelets, pearls, colored gemstones and fine fashion jewelry. 

Learn about available warranties and guarantees

As with any major purchase, it’s important to learn about the options available to you through financing, warranties and guarantees. In addition to the vast inventory housed at each Diamonds Direct location, every purchase is backed by industry-leading guarantees and warranties. The brand focuses on unrivaled customer service and complimentary services, including jewelry maintenance, cleaning, sizing and complimentary lifetime upgrade on engagement rings. This allows customers to trade their diamond for a different size, quality or shape — and receive 110% of the original purchase towards a new purchase. 

Buying a piece of jewelry, regardless of size, budget or preference is a memorable experience, and the team at Diamonds Direct takes their role in that special process very seriously. Regardless of your knowledge level, Diamonds Direct is there to educate you throughout the entire process, making it a seamless and easy experience from start to finish. With the quality of Diamonds Direct’s selection, the designers they partner with, and the certifications they back their diamonds with will always ensure that the piece you walk away with is the very best for your budget. For more information about Diamonds Direct, please visit


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