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Design Your World STEM Conference for Girls

Dallas SWE Featured
Dallas SWE Featured

The Dallas Society of Women Engineers’ 12th Design Your World STEM Conference for girls was held on November 11, 2017, at Legacy Prep Academy in Plano, Texas. By the numbers, 120 girls (6th through 8th grades), 25 parents and educators, and 128 volunteers made this an educational and fun day learning about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Student activities included Bitsbox Programming, Balloon Cars, Night and Day Astronomy, Weather Stations, Water Bottle Rockets and Bridge Building.

Parents and Educators enjoyed learning from a panel of engineering students and recent graduates, took in a college counselor’s talk on engineering career choices and pathways, and poured over resources on how to find activities and events to keep their students and children engaged in STEM topics. The day concluded with an Engineering Fashion Show, where engineers taught students about the specialized clothing they wear to protect themselves or the products they work on.

This event was especially rewarding because the majority of volunteers are women engineers, so the students can “see it to be it” and picture themselves in an engineering career. The next Design Your World STEM Conference will be at Seagoville High School P-Tech Academy in Dallas on April 14, 2018. Visit the event website at www.designyourworld.org for more details and to see other past event recaps.



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