Capturing Beauty in the Oil Field

indian skies
indian skies

When you first meet Bob Callender his energy and vision are infectious. He is passionate about what he does and with whom he surrounds himself. Looking at his photography, it’s easy to recognize his commitment to excellence and desire to be the best at what he does. Callender credits his passion and work ethic to growing up in an oilfield family of 10.

Through his upbringing, Callender gained a powerful respect for the oil field, the work ethic and values it represents and the men and women who make it one of the greatest industries in America. In his eyes, these are the unsung heroes and pioneers of today.

At first glance, when seeing Callender’s art, the explosion of color draws you in. The images’ detail and use of vibrant color is the perfect mix to captivate the imagination. In the details, closeness and a deep respect for the landscape and architecture is portrayed in each piece. Upon looking closer still, you can find a hidden meaning in each piece — whether it is the story of the towering image that makes you feel diminutive in comparison, or the aweing sunset that seems to dwarf massive structures down to size. Peering into the life of the modern-day cowboys of the oil and gas industry, a small insight is gained into the beauty surrounding one of the most crucial and gratifying careers in the modern-day world.

Bob captures a balance of beauty and respect for the industry and the people who make it their life. The story that so many who have grown up in and around the oil field know by heart is one of finding perfection in the imperfection. The eagle-eye and wrinkled brow of the men and women who work in the rugged Texas heat to power the nation is a powerful image to share. Callender derived a way to not only capture these ideas surrounding the oil field worker, but also the pageantry of the sunset, dagger-like precision of the lightning storm and ferocious colors of rust that only unforgiving weather and time can create.

Callender’s art is available to view and purchase at his galleries and hundreds of fine art galleries around the world.

For more information: Bob Callender can be found online at To learn more, call (432) 599-0998 or visit the gallery at 3404 West Loop 250 North, Midland, TX 79707.


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