Oil and Gas Magazine Offers Fracking Myths

Your Oil and Gas Magazine Offers Fracking Myths
Your Oil and Gas Magazine Offers Fracking Myths

In this Article You will learn everything about Fracking and all the Fracking Myths there are :

Fracking is the act of injecting pressurized water combined with small amounts of chemicals and sand into the earth to open up shale rocks so that the natural gas inside of them can be released. The problem is that the shale is often located under aquifers where many Americans get their drinking water. So there is little doubt that this can cause quite a stir.

When it comes to the ways in which we get the products we need for energy, there will always be some sort of dispute. But most experts agree that we should strengthen our position as the top natural gas producer because it provides an affordable, safe and reliable energy that also helps reduce carbon emissions.

A lot of people get it, but some don’t. To help the ones who don’t get it to come around, let’s take a closer look at the misleading claims that are made by those against fracking. Shale, your Oil and Gas Business Magazine, offers you a few fracking falsehoods.

Fracking Could Poison Our Drinking Water

Of course, you have enough chemical stored under your sink to knock off the entire family should it find its way into your water. But just because those chemicals exist under your sink, that is hardly a guarantee that your family will become poisoned by them.

You see, fracking occurs well below aquifers and the idea that deep-injected fluids will migrate into ground water is basically false. Basic geology prevents such a contamination from happening underground. A fracture caused by drilling would have to extend through several thousand feet of rock before it could even remotely contaminate groundwater.

Fracking Increases Air Pollution

Most industrial activity will involve the production of noxious fumes. Look what happens when you start up your lawnmower. So the better question that needs to be asked is how does the air pollution from fracking compare to other industrial processes. What scientists have concluded is that the largest sources of pollution come from coal-fired electricity generated plants. Their recognizing comes from the harm these plants do to the environment. In a nutshell, you could better improve air quality in any state by shutting down just one coal-fired plant than by shutting down that state’s entire gas industry.

Fracking Causes Earthquakes

There has been much discussion regarding seismic activity and fracking. Scientists doubt that fracking puts enough energy into the ground to trigger an earthquake.

Fracking Makes Water Flammable

Any claims of tap water starting on fire have been struck down when agencies are called in to check and determine other causes are to blame. For example, a resident in Colorado made the claim their tap water would burst into flame. However, the Colorado Department of Natural Resources reported that the natural gas in the water supply came from natural sources and not due to fracking.

Fracking Causes Cancer

There isn’t any evidence to support this claim. Data gathered from areas where fracking has occurred hasn’t turned up anything that would suggest this is anything but a myth.

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