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Running on Empty
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Aura MD Body Provides 360-Degree Approach to Boost Health and Wellness

The oil and gas industry is demanding and professionals are working in a fast-paced setting far beyond the hours of nine to five. With this type of work environment, along with the networking and business meetings that take place outside of the office, it’s highly common for men and women to compromise their health. From business meetings over lunch to client dinners throughout the workweek, fatigue and weight gain are two common side effects business professionals experience as a result of this lifestyle.

As a health professional, it is my job to educate my patients on the importance of a 360-degree approach to health and wellness in order to achieve a sustainable lifestyle accompanied by desired weight-loss and anti-aging results.

Aura MD Body_InteriorAt Aura MD Body, we offer evidence-based and scientific-driven treatments that are customized to individual goals, considering factors such as biology, genetics and lifestyle. From vitamin injections and rapid weight loss to medication-assisted weight loss or genetic weight loss testing or micronutrient testing, we pride ourselves on the use of all pharmaceutical-grade products to ensure the highest-quality service, consistency and transparency is provided to our patients.

To overcome feeling like your energy and appearance is heading “downstream,” Peptide Therapy is a science-based biological growth hormone optimization treatment that can make you look and feel younger without going under the knife. It is evident that growth hormone levels decline with age; in comparison to levels measured in your twenties, there is a drop of around 60 percent by age 40 and by the time you are age 60, your levels are depleted by 80 percent!

By optimizing growth hormone levels, both men and women can experience:

• Anti-Aging Effects of Increased Collagen Production

• Decreased Body Fat Composition

• Increase in Lean Muscle

• Increased Energy

• Improved Libido

• Increase in Restful Sleep Stages

• Heightened Immunity

• Improved Cardiovascular Function

Aura MD Body offers the most exclusive, safest and highest-quality peptide formulation on the market, generating an increase in growth hormone secretion without increased appetite or high cortisol levels, meaning your body’s growth hormone levels increase in a natural physiological range.

If you’re looking for an easy pick-me-up, our Boost Bar is a popular service where patients can opt for custom blended varieties of vitamins, antioxidants or amino acid injections to maximize metabolism, boost energy and immunity, build lean muscle mass and reduce free radicals to boost your beauty regimen for glowing skin and hair. Depending on your desired outcome, we can put together custom packages to include injections such as Amino Blast to help you burn those extra calories during a workout.

Headshot_Dr. Ashley Toutounchi

The first step to making a change is recognizing the need for one. If you’re tired of being tired and want to shed those extra pounds, I recommend you explore your options at Aura MD Body to decide what the best approach is for you as an individual. We understand the obstacles you are facing as a business professional, and we are passionate about helping you make a seamless transition to incorporate positive and healthy changes into your day to day health and fitness routine.

For more information: Visit or call 832-804-7948. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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