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In The Oil Patch – Tom Mullikin (ep. 112)


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In The Oil Patch – Episode 112: host Kym Bolado and her cohost Alvin Bailey have Tom Mullikin of the Mullikin Law Firm on the show. As his website explains, “Tom is a highly respected expert on market-based solutions for climate and environmental issues. His outspoken support for American manufacturing, farming and energy production placed him on the front lines of combating the radical left’s attempt to use environmental hysteria as an excuse to institute global socialism. He is a widely sought expert and speaker on truth-based capitalist rebuttals to false and misleading environmental propaganda.”

We also welcome the former Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, David Porter back on the show to give us pertinent updates about the Paris Agreement.

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-Originally aired on 06/03/2017 – 06/04/2017-


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