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SHALE Lifestyle Article May 2019 1
SHALE Lifestyle Article May 2019 1

As the fourth largest city in the country, it was no question Houston would be the next destination for Cambria Hotels. We’re a relatively new but dynamic brand that tailors the hotel experience to the guests themselves—simple yet sophisticated, flexible and tech savvy.

In August, we will open the doors to our newest, upscale property in one of Houston’s oldest buildings, the Great Southwest Building, formerly known as the Petroleum Building, located in downtown at 1314 Texas Avenue. The hotel will feature 226 rooms as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center, ballroom and multi-function meeting spaces situated on the 20th floor of the hotel, with incredible views of the city of Houston.

Over the years, we have seen many trends in the hospitality industry that have allowed us to create a unique environment. Most recently, there is a huge uptick in millennials travelling which will continue to grow. According to the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research, those aged 18-34 are expected to represent 50 percent of all travelers within the United States by 2025. As a result, the brand’s focus is curating a guest experience that prioritizes convenience and technology without sacrificing comfort. Millennials are educated on the latest in technology and they want things done quick and efficiently. Their guest experience begins with a frictionless booking and check in process and seamless interactions with hotel services. Because millennials are tech-savvy and prefer using apps and mobile sites when booking hotels, it is important that our hotels provide user friendly information on digital platforms. We must remain knowledgeable about the latest and greatest technology, which is why our meeting spaces and hotel rooms will be equipped with cutting edge technology as well as unparalleled views of downtown Houston to add to our guests’ overall experience.

We have also seen an increased demand for an elevated food and beverage experience. Because a unique, curated guest experience is now so critical, food and beverage offerings have to match that. Years ago, food and beverage at a hotel was a luxury, not a basic amenity. Hotels are no longer relying on revenue solely from room sales, but food and beverage has become a revenue generator as well. It is now a defining feature of lifestyle brands. At Cambria Hotels, we are proud to offer locally-sourced menu, craft beer flights and thoughtful signature cocktails.

Additionally, we have seen a rise in the upscale, lifestyle hotels. In the past, there were luxury hotels and economy hotels, and not much in between. These upscale, lifestyle brands are designed to cater to the unique features of the hotel’s community and have a larger emphasis on food and beverage. We look forward to serving the Houston community by bringing a unique, boutique, upscale experience to Downtown Houston through our lifestyle brand, Cambria Hotels.

Most Cambria hotels are new construction, but we are extremely proud of our adaptive-reuse hotel, which preserves the history of the building while breathing new life and purpose into this hotel. Dallas-based developer Todd Interests is responsible for adapting this Houston treasure. Previously, he completed a similar project in the historic Petroleum Building of Dallas where the Cambria Hotel Downtown Dallas is located. The Cambria Hotel Chicago Loop – Theatre District is located in a former theater in the heart of the city’s downtown that was well received by the public because of the unique themes that remained focused on theatre but also updated and nods to the community.

Through our experience, we recognize the importance of maintaining the integrity and the history of the building while modifying the space to accommodate our brand. With our upcoming Cambria Hotel, Downtown Houston, we will reintroduce the Petroleum Club that Houstonians have always known and loved with a new, modern twist. We plan to commemorate this historic space while also delivering a curated travel experience with boutique accommodations, tech-minded amenities, and creative, locally-sourced bistro fare.


For more information: To learn more about Cambria Hotels and the new Houston location, visit www.cambriahoustondowntown.com or call 713-222-2100. Room reservations available beginning August 1, 2019.


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