Baker Hughes’ Energy Innovation Center Donation

Baker Hughes’ Energy Innovation Center Donation Seals Partnership with Oklahoma State University

Baker Hughes’ Energy Innovation Center Donation  Seals Partnership with Oklahoma State University

Cutting edge technology and innovation have long been the key components to success in the energy industry. Add financial means and higher learning to the mix and a favorable outcome is achieved. Baker Hughes and Oklahoma State University announced their own  partnership that will steer cross-industry collaboration and advancements. Referred to as “The Center,” Baker has also donated the Baker Hughes Energy Innovation Center located in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District.

“This is an extraordinary opportunity for Oklahoma State University to secure a world-class research and innovation center and establish a collaborative relationship with a leading technology company like Baker Hughes,”said Burns Hargis, OSU’s president. “This collaboration…will enable OSU to graduate engineers with meaningful experience on significant real-world projects.”

According to OSU’s news and information release, the alliance’s goal is to bring academic experts and industry together under one roof. Students will be exposed to actual learning opportunities and support Baker researchers in developing industry solutions.

Advancing key technologies

The Center will be the hub where OSU offers classes for its Masters of Petroleum Engineering program. Lab facilities will be ultramodern and offer a practical and interactive experience. Students will work with Baker engineers and experts to generate advancements in technology in the areas of:

  1. Aerospace
  2. Mechanical engineering
  3. Electrical engineering
  4. Chemical engineering
  5. Petroleum engineering

Mapping out a successful blueprint for success

Stated by Guthrie News Leader, OSU’s engineering faculty and students will manage and occupy the Center’s fourth floor. Outdoor lab space and the first floor laboratories will be occupied by Baker themselves. More than 50 company scientists responsible for a variety of research and commercial projects will call the fifth floor home. Both OSU and Baker will cohabit the structure’s sizable showroom and conference spaces found on the third floor.

“Baker Hughes has a long history of forming strong relationships with universities,” said Taylor Shinn, Baker Hughes Digital Solutions Vice President. “This alliance further advances our capabilities as an energy technology company and provides a unique opportunity to tap into OSU’s diverse academic population as we work together to drive innovation globally. The Center’s location in Oklahoma City’s Innovation District gives this relationship a strategic advantage, as we unite higher education, research, energy, aerospace and advanced manufacturing into one ecosystem. Baker Hughes will also continue to invest in Oklahoma City’s diverse talent, supporting technology and inclusion programs in local schools and connecting academia with industry.

Acknowledging the upside

Baker and OSU’s recent union can serve as an anchor to keep students in Oklahoma post graduation. Education gained and relationships developed will only strengthen the state’s energy sector and potentially increase the tax base.

“I commend Oklahoma State University and Baker Hughes for thinking outside the box to create an alliance of this magnitude,” said Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. “OSU students will benefit tremendously from the innovative resources available at the Energy Innovation Center, including global industry experts and access to world-class research labs. Ultimately, this remarkable collaboration located in the heart of the state will benefit Oklahoma as we continue to develop and retain tomorrow’s workforce and attract top talent from around the world.”

Nick Vaccaro is a freelance writer and photographer. In addition to providing technical writing services, he is an HSE consultant in the oil and gas industry with eight years of experience. He also contributes to Louisiana Sportsman Magazine and follows and photographs American Kennel Club field and herding trials. Nick has a BA in Photojournalism from Loyola University and resides in the New Orleans area. 210-240-7188 [email protected]


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