Badger CPA Adds New Services Amid Acquisition Announcement

San Antonio, Texas — Badger CPA, a San Antonio-based accounting and financial services firm, announces the acquisition of Libby King & Associates (LKA) based in Austin. The acquisition will add government contracting and consulting to Badger CPA’s existing services.

Badger CPA has offered outsourced accounting, fractional Controller, fractional CFO, tax planning, and compliance since its inception. The acquisition brings with it a new level of expertise in DCAA compliance and government contract-specific requirements and processes.       

Former LKA clients, now Badger CPA clients, will gain access to tax planning and compliance services previously not offered. The combining of these two companies stands to bring a large benefit to current and future clients, especially recognizing the volume of companies in the San Antonio area needing assistance with governmental contractor accounting and DCAA compliance.             

LKA historically has a 100% pass rate on DCAA audits that utilize the Standard Form 1408 “Pre-award Survey of Prospective Contractor Accounting System.”  Passing these audits has enabled clients to bid and win contracts for which they were previously ineligible.

Servicing companies in the construction, energy, non-profit, professional service, and government contracting industries, the newly expanded Badger CPA team is perfectly situated to be the preferred outsourced financial services provider across these industries.


Badger CPA strives to enhance its clients’ financial and accounting systems, strategic planning, management reporting, compliance, and tax optimization. Working within the construction, energy, non-profit, professional service, and government contracting industries, Badger CPA’s services help their clients sustainably grow and thrive.



Shannon Badger, Managing Partner

Badger CPA


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Jenny Norwood, Managing Partner

The Austin-Montana Project

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