4 Timely Tips to Get Your First Job in the Gas and Oil Industry

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Are you considering a career in the gas and oil industry that offers opportunities for growth and competitive wages? The natural gas industry is diverse and has various careers that differ in educational attainment and skill level. With the Shale oil and gas industry evolving rapidly, there’s a need to have skilled workmanship who can contribute and fill up these positions.

However, as a young person looking to break into this industry, it can be difficult to find the right information to help you get started.  This post gives you essential tips to help you get your first job in the oil and gas industry.

Never Underestimate Networking

Building the right connections in the industry could mean the difference between getting the job or not. The right person can help convince the recruiting manager that you’re a good fit. Also, presenting your resume in person after a recommendation could increase your chances of landing an entry job in the shale industry. Find a local chapter of an oilfield related organization and get involved. You could go for a training course, lunch meetings, or attend a lunch meeting. These networking events allow you to learn and build connections.

Also, while building connections, do your research and find out which disciplines have the highest demand and the companies that you’d like to work for.

Learn Some Basics of the Industry

Although some companies are open to hire and train you, no company wants to start from scratch. You need to have some skills. If you’re going for a technical role, be sure to know the terminology used and how the reservoir engineering works.  Also, you could take a class on oilfield operations or participate in offshore HUET training.  You can take a certificate program without getting a degree.

Do Not Neglect your Resume and Cover Letter

Having a well-written resume and cover letter applies as much to the oil and gas industry as any other sector. Check if your resume has a clear layout with correct spelling and consistent punctuation. You might not find a right way to do this, but you can always use the templates provided online. Be sure to pay attention to details as this shows that you can be trusted with complex decisions in this field. Furthermore, remember that the content in these documents must be related to the oil and gas industry. This can be a class you took or a position you held that positioned you to know more about the industry.

Talk to an Expert Who Specializes in the Oil and Gas Industry

Some recruitment specialists have experience placing people across the gas and oil industry.  Having interacted with different organizations, they have the knowledge and experience to talk to you about the opportunities that match your skills.

There are various types of jobs in the oil and gas industry regardless of your previous work history or academic background.  The above tips should help you learn the ropes on what it takes to get into the oil and gas industry.


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