Kym Bolado:

Now, before we get started, Deloitte is really a global leader in many different areas – auditing tax advice, merger acquisitions. Duane, this is you. This is not your first time on our show. So welcome back. But for our listeners, I would like to start with Noemie. Tell us a little bit about what you’re currently doing in your role with Deloitte. And then, we’ll introduce Duane. Then we’ll get into the report that you guys just released.

Noemie Tilghman:

Sounds good. So, I have the pleasure of leading a huge practice. We’re very much focused on all the major clients in oil, gas and chemicals. I’m part of consulting. We will do anything from back-office operations to thinking about how you improve the top line. Right now, we’re obviously meeting people where they need us to be, and it’s really a focus on transformation and getting through the cycle.

Kym Bolado:

Well, there’s a lot that you’re leading – multifunctional global service strategy, as well as operating model design programs and then driving large scale cost reductions, process efficiencies, and effectiveness and improvements. That’s a lot for you guys to handle. And it kind of, I think, really talks to our listeners about the massive amount that you’re overseeing and what you guys are doing. Let me switch gears, Duane, you’ve been on the show multiple times, and you certainly have also a large division that you are covering as well. So, tell us a little bit about what you are doing as Vice Chairman with Deloitte.

Duane Dickson:

Thanks. So, it’s great to be back. So, U.S. oil, gas and chemicals are sort of my obsession. I work on it every day. And the work covers what Noemie’s team does. It also covers our tax group. We do audit between 20 and 25% of the companies in the sector. And we also have a financial advisory and risk practice that covers M and A, and at-risk services like cybersecurity and so forth. So that’s a big job. The global energy resources and industrial is the only thing I’ll bring in there. That’s really relevant today to oil, gas and chemicals is in there as renewables in there as metals and mining and in there is also all of manufacturing. So we have a pretty tight group globally, and it’s fun to sort of draw on all their experiences as we try to help all of our clients.

Kym Bolado: 

It really is kind of mind-boggling to see how much Deloitte actually is involved in giving expert advice, if you will, in all these different areas, because every one of them is very different – cybersecurity from renewables to global approaches, helping with mergers, acquisitions, oil, and gas, some of the largest companies on the planet are your clients. So, it’s impressive. And I wanted to give our listeners an understanding of how large and how the expertise at Deloitte carries because you guys released a recent report, and I was happy. You guys agreed to get on the show with us. It’s titled “The Future of Work in Oil, Gas, and Chemicals and Opportunities in a Time of Change.” Either one of you tell me quickly, just give me, we’re going to drill down in the show, but what was this report really designed to do? And in what area of focus on in oil and gas?

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