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Oil and natural gas produced from the shale plays around the Lone Star State provide huge revenues to the local and state governments, and those revenues ultimately benefit every citizen in the state.
Denver/Julesberg (DJ) Basin - Colorado Production levels of both oil and gas in this key shale basin are also setting records in recent months. Bernadette Johnson, Vice President for Market Intelligence at DrillingInfo told an audience in Littleton, Colorado in June: “Since December, we have seen oil grow by...
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After a brief respite during the peak of summer driving season, gasoline prices are about to go up again thanks to the rising price for crude oil.
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Readers may have noticed a big media uproar last week over a pronouncement from the U.N.'s  International Energy Agency (IEA) that "Electric vehicles (EVs) are expected to displace 2.5 million bpd of oil demand by 2030." This was hailed in much of the news media as some sort of huge...
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Bakken Shale – North Dakota/Montana Rising oil prices and rapidly advancing hydraulic fracturing and drilling technologies are leading to increased interest in the Bakken region once again. A good example of this growing trend came in late April when Hess Corp. announced it would be ramping up its drilling program...