Who Is UniqueHR? Meet the Family and Veteran-Owned Leader of the PEO Industry


Who Is UniqueHR?

Family and veteran-owned and operated by Texans since 1991, UniqueHR is a licensed PEO providing comprehensive HR solutions to small and mid-size businesses. It’s headquartered in Corpus Christi and provides services to all of Texas and the U.S.

UniqueHR promotes the growth of businesses by focusing on identifying and mitigating employment-related exposure resulting in reduced employer-related liabilities and controlled associated costs. It’s a member of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), Certification Institute (CI), and the Center for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) and ranks in the top 12% in the PEO industry for accreditation.

As a veteran-owned business, UniqueHR strives to assist returning veterans and their spouses in finding their next employment opportunities and provides mentorship along the way. The UniqueHR team believes it’s their responsibility to build bridges and eliminate the language barrier between military and civilian entities and will do whatever it takes to support a successful transition. You can read more about UniqueHR’s vital role in veteran employment assistance in the article “Movement as an Industry to Support Our Veterans” (Sharp, 2015).

What Services Does UniqueHR Offer?UniqueHR

UniqueHR offers comprehensive HR solutions, and its major services include human resources, employee benefits, payroll and payroll tax, retirement management, risk management, workers’ compensation insurance and claims management. Let’s take a closer look at each of the major services that UniqueHR has to offer.

Human Resources

Clients who release their business’ administrative burdens of HR and employee relations to UniqueHR enjoy a more efficient workforce along with potential savings rather than spending additional money and time on administering these functions themselves.

Some of the major HR benefits provided by UniqueHR include assistance in creating custom employee handbooks and procedures, conducting background checks and pre-employment

screening, developing on-site and online human resource training programs, as well as consultation on employee-related issues, which include disciplinary actions and terminations.

UniqueHR Employee Benefits

UniqueHR makes it easy for employers to choose from a wide selection of health benefit plans that best meet the needs of their employees, along with their families, at affordable prices. Its

employee benefits encompass medical and prescription drug plans, voluntary dental and vision plans, voluntary life and disability plans, and more.


UniqueHR provides the flexibility of web-enabled payroll administration, allowing convenient self-service access to records, expenses, tax liabilities, deposits, processing and reports.

Examples of major payroll benefits include state and federal tax compliance and reporting, year-end W-2 forms issued to all employees, and processing and remittance of wage garnishments and wage assignments. UniqueHR also provides a Money Network® Paycard as a means to safely and securely access funds from virtually anywhere.

Retirement Management

UniqueHR’s 401(k) plan is a key element to its client’s and their associated employees’ financial future. UniqueHR assists businesses with 401(k) plan design along with investment performance which reduces costs on plan administration fees and relieves business owners of their fiduciary liability.

Risk Management

UniqueHR’s risk management services assist businesses in mitigating regulatory penalties while improving employee retention and productivity. UniqueHR’s Risk Management experts help educate our clients with training for certifications, risk assessment analyses and assistance, support in developing business risk management practices and procedures, and completing work-related accident reports as well as investigations.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance and Claims Management

UniqueHR provides responsible risk and claims management with the goal of educating clients

about risk within their organization with the highest amount of integrity and expertise. Whenever a worker qualifies for Workers’ Compensation, UniqueHR protects everyone’s interests, including those of the employer and the employee.

Some of the major benefits of partnering with UniqueHR for Workers’ Compensation include $1,000,000 coverage, workers’ compensation administration and claims management, back-to-work programs, defense and investigation of fraudulent claims, and loss prevention programs.


While staffing is not a part of the comprehensive PEO offerings, UniqueHR clients have access to Unique Employment Services, an affiliate company, which serves as a total staffing solution for direct hire, executive search, and temporary hiring needs. This affiliation of UniqueHR was designed to help improve clients’ access to talent, control costs, and provide a competitive hiring advantage to businesses.


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