Streamline Payroll and Taxes services Processes with UniqueHR

Payroll and Tax services are often considered by many business owners to be two of the most burdensome aspects of running a business. Not only do they require hundreds, if not thousands, of hours per year to be completed, but they also require extreme attention to detail and incredible amounts of patience in order to avoid legal penalties associated with improper filing. To help businesses overcome these hurdles, UniqueHR offers payroll and payroll tax services as a part of its comprehensive HR solutions. Here, we’ll take a look at some of the specific payroll and tax services that are offered by UniqueHR and discuss how these services lead to better business outcomes in the long run.

Payroll and Tax Services Offered by Unique HR

UniqueHR provides the flexibility of web-enabled payroll administration, allowing convenient self-service access to records, expenses, tax liabilities, deposits, processing, and reports. This approach enables its clients to enjoy the ease of real-time access to data as well as a very streamlined payroll process. In fact, it’s reported that integrating time and attendance with payroll results in a cost efficiency of 14% greater than that of a manual approach (Price Waterhouse Cooper, 2011).

UniqueHR’s payroll value offering includes services such as preparation of payroll and billing reports, secure web-based time reporting and invoice retrieval, processing of wage garnishments and wage assignments, online access to earning reports, check stubs, and W-2s, as well as a shift in liability for all state and federal tax compliance and reporting.

Additionally, UniqueHR offers a variety of cost-effective data collection methods such as badge time clocks, electronic timesheets, biometric fingerprint and handprint punch time clocks, and peripheral devices, and they also provide a Money Network® Paycard as a means to safely and securely access funds from virtually anywhere.

Long-Term Benefits of PEO Payroll Services for Your Business

By allowing UniqueHR to handle all tasks related to payroll and taxes, you’ll be able to not only reduce time spent on payroll-related services but also minimize risk and maintain legal compliance. There’s nothing more cumbersome than having to navigate the legalities and roadblocks surrounding these aspects of a business, and by establishing a co-employer partnership with UniqueHR, you’ll be able to relieve all major responsibilities of managing payroll administration and employee taxes.

You can also expect to alleviate major long-term costs associated with running your business as it’s discovered that organizations that outsource their payroll, workforce administration, and time and attendance have 32% lower total cost of ownership (Price Waterhouse Cooper, 2011).


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