What You Need To Know In Oil And Gas Today – 6.21.2017

AdobeStock 95362445
AdobeStock 95362445

Here are the Top Dozen Oil & Gas stories for June 21, 2017, taken directly from the @GDBlackmon Twitter Feed:

America’s already have, thanks to #fracking: Global power sector emissions to peak in 2026: Report  via @Reuters

Well…yeah. Dang it.: Oil Returns to Bear Market  via @WSJ

Yep, that’s what happens.: Tropical Storm Cindy emerges in the Gulf of Mexico  via @business

Interesting development.: Saudi Arabia relieves crown prince, replaces him with 31-year-old Mohammad Bin Salman 

Most certainly.: Falling prices, equipment and labor constraints could slow U.S. drilling surge  via @houstonchron

#GodBlessTexas!: Positive S&P rating review of Texas budget says state has ‘turned corner’ after oil downturn 

That’s a big swap right there.: Oxy’s $1.2 Billion Permian ‘Land Swap’ Consolidates Position

Awesome.: Recovering from Cook Inlet leaks, Hilcorp targets increased production in Alaska 

Wait. Where’s Global Warming when we need it?: Cooler start to summer is crushing natural gas prices

Misleading header of the day: Fix shale oil production pollution before it gets worse, study leader says 

Yyyyyep.: Eighth Major Report Finds Water Contamination From Fracking ‘Has Not Been Observed’ via @dailycaller

Good piece here: Mexico’s Emerging Oil Opportunities Are Great via @forbes

That’s all for today.  Check back in tomorrow for another dozen Things You Need To Know In Oil And Gas.


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