HR Training And Development Through UniqueHR


UniqueHR provides comprehensive HR solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, allowing each business to maximize its growth while providing the best work environment possible for its employees. UniqueHR, generally recognized for its services related to payroll, benefits, and risk management, also excels in HR training and development. As a  part of this program, UniqueHR offers online and onsite courses, as well as skills assessments, to foster company culture and assist in the selection of future employees. These courses are offered exclusively to UniqueHR clients at no extra cost. By ensuring that employees are well trained and carefully selected, UniqueHR can save its clients time and money related to these tasks, which translates into higher returns and better business in the long run. 

Online HR Training And Development 

UniqueHR’s online courses include those that are focused on managerial and employee roles, in addition to general risk management. Options for managerial courses include hot topics for managers such as: How to Explain a 401(k) to Employees, Generational Diversity, How to  Manage Challenging Employees, Interviewing Skills for Supervisors, Workplace Diversity for  Superiors, and How to Conduct New Employee Orientation. 

Whereas courses for employees include options like Workplace Harassment, Teambuilding for All Employees, and Stress  Management – What Employees Need to Know. These courses are self-paced, but typically take 20-30 minutes to complete, and focus on 4-5 course objectives. 

In-Person Training 

UniqueHR’s onsite courses also cover a wide range of topics related to risk management, creating a safe workplace and HR training. Popular courses include  Accident/Incident Reporting, Emergency Evacuation Procedures, and Hazard Recognition.  Examples of HR training courses include Title VII and Diversity, Measuring Job Performance and Performance Appraisals, as well as Grounds for Termination and Taking Corrective Action.  

Additional course topics include OSHA standards by industry, and for clients who have government projects, UniqueHR will reference EM385-1-1 (OSHA standard for government projects).

Skills Assessment Tests for Employment 

UniqueHR offers over 1,100 skills assessments that can be used by employers who are looking to determine which future employees will be the best fit for their company culture, as well as fulfill the requirements of each role. Its skills assessments fall under the following categories: 

● Accounting 

● Behavioral 

● Call Center 

● Financial 

● Healthcare 

● Industrial 

● Legal 

● Office Professional 

● Software 

● Technical 

This extensive selection of skills assessments not only allows UniqueHR’s clients to identify the right person for each role, but also helps UniqueHR’s clients achieve better engagement, performance, time-to-productivity, and lower turnover. UniqueHR realizes that résumés and interviews alone do not paint the full picture, and assessments can help a client target critical skills and uncover potential areas that need improvement.  

Partner With UniqueHR Today For HR Training And Development 

UniqueHR is committed to helping businesses identify the best candidates for open roles and educating clients on best practices for a safe, productive and cohesive work environment.  While there are many aspects involved in HR responsibilities, employee selection and satisfaction are essential components of the long-term success of businesses and can reduce unnecessary expenses that may arise in the future.


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