Energy Minute – 07/30/2019

Energy News: Low Oil Price - 07/29/2019
Ryan Sitton In The Oil Patch Featured

In The Oil Patch Radio Show is proud to bring you this week’s energy minute produced by Here’s Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton with your current industry update:

The United States had 946 drilling rigs running at the end of last week down eight from the prior week. Texas rig count remain the same to end last week at 454 the Texas Railroad Commission issued 245 drilling permits last week, bringing the 10 week rolling average to 249 natural gas prices decreased by $0.07 to average $2.25 per mmbtu. West Texas intermediate crew prices decreased $0.76 to average $56.22 a barrel and gasoline prices across Texas decreased by $0.05 to end last week at an average of $2.48 a gallon.

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