TechnipFMC in Energy News 8/27/19

ITOP Kym Bolado May 2019 Featured, energy news, TechnipFMC
ITOP Kym Bolado May 2019 Featured, energy news, TechnipFMC

Energy News: TechnipFMC to Split into Two Separate Entities

TechnipFMCJust three years after a $13 billion-dollar merger, TechnipFMC announced that it will now split its company into two separate entities. TechnipFMC was created by the merger in 2017 of the French oilfield services company Technip and Houston equipment maker FMC Technologies. The company’s management believes the two new companies, both of which will be valued at over $6 billion, will result in higher returns to investors.

Gas Prices Drop as Summer Driving Season Comes to an End

The price for a gallon of regular gasoline fell to $2.31 last week, down four cents from the previous week, according to Some analysts are now predicting that the price could approach the $2 mark as summer driving season comes to an end and refiners make the switch to producing winter fuel blends.

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