Have you considered a change of scenery, but don’t know where to start? Different cities offer various opportunities and pay ranges for management positions that should be considered before making any life-changing decisions. Which cities in the United States provide the best opportunities for senior management roles?  Conversely, which cities should those interested in such positions avoid? These questions are crucial for individuals hoping to advance their careers within the management industry.

To answer these questions, Professional Resume Writers (PRW) has conducted an analysis of major U.S. cities to determine where individuals have the greatest chance of achieving success as a CEO, Vice President, Director, or Senior Manager. Our analysis considers several factors, including the number of available senior management positions, average salary, and population per city. Additionally, they have taken into account the average rent to assess disposable income.

Understanding which cities to avoid based on career goals is crucial, particularly for those seeking to grow within their organizations. While some cities offer excellent opportunities for senior management roles, others may not be a wise investment in your future.

To assist individuals in making informed decisions about the best cities for these types of roles, PRW has analyzed the data and identified cities with the greatest potential. Their analysis takes into consideration the following factors:

  • Average CEO salary
  • Average manager salary
  • Average director salary
  • Number of CEO, director, and manager jobs
  • Number of senior jobs by population
  • Average cost of monthly rent


Best Cities for Senior Management Jobs

It is noteworthy that the top ten cities in terms of scoring have a population smaller than expected, with all of them having a population below one million. San Francisco is the most populated among them, with over 880,000 people, while the city with the highest score has a population of around 400,000 only.

  1. Arlington (TX) 
  2. Seattle (WA)
  3. Long Beach (CA)
  4. Minneapolis (MN)
  5. Atlanta (GA)
  6. Oakland (CA)
  7. Raleigh (NC)
  8. San Francisco (CA)
  9. Detroit (MI)
  10. Kansas City (MO)

Moreover, the average monthly rent in these cities is worth mentioning. Arlington has the lowest average rent at $1,100 per month, while San Francisco has the highest at over $2,500. Overall, New York is the most expensive city, with an average rent of over $2,650.

Best Cities for CEO jobs 

  1. New York City (NY)
  2. Baltimore (MD)
  3. Washington (D.C.)
  4. Long Beach (CA)
  5. Los Angeles (CA)

While there are significant differences in average CEO salaries among these locations (New York City with an average annual CEO salary of over $422,000 and Washington, D.C. at over $361,000), the average rent and job opportunities help to level the playing field. 

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that locations like these are often highly competitive, with no assurance of reaching CEO-level jobs, particularly since many of these cities have a larger pool of senior management talent.

Worst Places for Senior Management Jobs

Here are the bottom five cities with the worst scores for securing senior management roles, based on factors such as city size, limited opportunities, lower salaries, higher rent averages, and population:

  1. San Diego (CA)
  2. Bakersfield (CA)
  3. Fresno (CA)
  4. San Jose (CA)
  5. Colorado Springs (CO)

It’s worth noting that out of the five cities listed, four are located in California and only one is in Colorado. Interestingly, some of the best locations for senior management roles, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and Long Beach, are also in California.

Cities with High Manager Salaries

If you’re searching for cities with notably high salaries for managers, the following options should be considered. Although it’s important to note that the actual salary may vary depending on the particular role, the data focuses on the average annual salary of managers in these locations:

  1. Seattle (WA) – $149,245
  2. San Francisco (CA) – $128,092
  3. Los Angeles (CA) – $126,477
  4. Raleigh (NC) – $122,689
  5. New York (NY) – $116,522
  6. Chicago (IL) – $115,678
  7. Houston (TX) – $114,204
  8. Minneapolis (MN) – $113,449
  9. Louisville (KY) – $111,013
  10.  Nashville (TN) – $110,185


Summary of Management Jobs Findings

The top five cities for senior management roles are Arlington (TX), Seattle (WA), Long Beach (CA), Minneapolis (MN), and Atlanta (GA), while the worst five cities are San Diego, Bakersfield, Fresno, San Jose, and Colorado Springs. Our analysis of reliable data sources has considered factors such as average salaries for CEO, director, and management positions, as well as average rent and population. 

It is difficult to recommend a single state for management jobs as the results are varied. California can be a great or terrible place depending on the specific city. However, this analysis should provide insight into which locations offer the best and worst opportunities for senior management roles.


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