Risk Management Through UniqueHR


Unfortunately, risks are inevitable within any type of workplace, and it is absolutely essential that companies maintain proper risk management practices in order to avoid catastrophic personal losses and legal penalties. Risk management involves tasks such as providing a safe work environment for employees, creating up-to-date safety protocols, as well as analyzing potential risks and mitigating them in every way possible. Having proper risk management procedures not only saves a company financially in the long-term, but it also leads to employees maintaining greater confidence in their company which results in better performance and higher job satisfaction. UniqueHR includes risk management services as a part of its comprehensive HR solutions package.

Here we discuss more about the types of services offered within this realm of HR along with the benefits that result from proper risk management implementation.

Risk Management Services Offered by UniqueHR

UniqueHR’s risk management services help businesses mitigate regulatory penalties while improving employee retention and productivity. Employers have multiple responsibilities to ensure that their business is compliant with OSHA standards, and UniqueHR’s experts work with each client to mitigate that risk and keep them updated with the latest regulations and standards. Some of the main risk management services offered by UniqueHR include specific training for certifications, risk assessment analyses and education on industry-standard business safety practices and procedures, work-related accident reports and investigations, and education and assistance with OSHA logs. Additionally, UniqueHR handles workers’ compensation claims as well as drug testing for potential and current employees. 

To further ensure that each client and their employees are in compliance with the most recent OSHA guidelines, UniqueHR also offers online and onsite risk management support. UniqueHR has numerous courses available that are related to specific worksite injuries, common office hazards, hazard communication, and basic first aid. 

Long Term Benefits of Partnering With UniqueHR for Risk Management

Partnering with UniqueHR for risk management results in long-term benefits for clients and their employees. By allowing UniqueHR to advise and educate clients and employees on risks at every level of its business, each client will be more prepared in the long run regarding unexpected events and hazards through having greater protection while also having access to some of the most competitive workers’ compensation rates and lowest premiums available by partnering with a PEO. 


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