Investment Will Change Lives in Developing Nations

Developing Nations, Large Investment Will Help
Big wind turbines in the desert against mountains

Investments Will Change Lives in Developing Nations

Three billion dollars will make a radical difference in the lives of people in developing nations needing electricity. Ventana Tek (VentanaTek.Com), an American company, finalized a major agreement with Nigeria. The green energy company will provide badly needed electricity with high-efficiency vertical wind turbines, natural gas/propane engines, and water wheel generators.

Ventana Tek is licensed to build The Franklin-Thomas Company’s (FTC) high efficiency, zero cogging, permanent magnet generators, fitting the entire line of renewable energy systems. FTC, also an American company, is in Central Florida. Providing several methods to drive the independently-proven generators, Nigeria will always have the best choices to tackle energy needs. FTC’s generators are not like the common wire-wound alternators on standby generators.

The United States Embassy joined negotiations to ensure funding was available and secure. The embassy is interested in expanding this electrical power to other African countries. Further, the manufacturing of both the wind turbine and the electric generators will soon be done by local people in Africa, creating many jobs. This was the central goal of the U.S. Embassy.

Joe Shepard, CEO of FTC and inventor of the zero-cogging generator said the generator took 12 years to perfect and has been proven the best in the world. Zero cogging means the neodymium magnets in the rotor, the part that spins, do not magnetically attach to the fixed stator. Shepard had the generator independently tested at 92.3% efficiency by the world-famous Advanced Energy in Raleigh, NC. This generator is the key and essential part of the entire Nigerian effort.

Ventana Tek tested over $500,000 of different generators from all over the world. They decided the FTC generator was the one that met their needs. To make sure the FTC generator would hold up to rigorous demands, Ventana Tek ran the generator for 250 hours. The generator held up. More importantly, the generator showed it could produce power for between 3 and 5 cents per kilowatt-hour.

Ventana Tek negotiated a licensing agreement with FTC to build the generators. The FTC engineers helped get the manufacturing underway. Ventana Tek quickly proved they were determined to create the best generator possible and did just that. The U.S. Embassy made sure the generators were thoroughly vetted before attaching their name to the project.

FTC’s Shepard said, “Powering a refrigerator in a Nigerian village can radically change the lives of individuals. Our off-grid renewable electricity can radically change a nation such as Nigeria.” Ventana Tek and FTC have a bright future with contracts for turbines and generators from many others. Ventana Tek has orders for thousands a month including the U.S Army and other customers. 

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