The Oilfield Housing Dilemma and an Ideal Solution

CMH fixed
CMH fixed

Let’s face it — housing, especially in areas like the Permian Basin, is hard to come by. Companies in energy, construction and similar industries with the need for short-term housing can find it difficult to locate housing options that are both convenient and affordable.

Options for these companies include mass hotel room bookings or such a thing called man-camps. Both of these options, however, can be quite expensive for employers. Additionally, they could be distant from the worksite, decreasing efficiency and increasing the chances of commute-related traffic accidents for their employees.

Hotels can be a real issue for employers for a number of reasons. Not only are they expensive and inconvenient due to travel time from the work site, but hotels are also unpredictable. In busy areas, like the Permian, it can be difficult to find vacancies to accommodate the number of workers that are expected to be housed for the duration of their time at a work site. By the time you’ve located a hotel with enough rooms for the number of days you need them, you’re already dealing with an unneeded hassle. With safety and privacy concerns that are innate when dealing with hotels and the cost of the rooms coupled together, this solution to the housing problem can become stressful and expensive very quickly.

Man-camps really are exactly as they sound. These “camps” are not the most homely of places and can be filled with workers from various companies. The concerns that come to mind here is the privacy factor, not only because they are close quarters, but also because you don’t know who’s in them. Not knowing the hiring practices of the various other companies can pose threats if they are not doing thorough screenings of their employees. Again, these man-camps can be distant from the work site, again adding to the safety concerns of commuting. Lastly, these man-camps can also be cost prohibitive for some employers.

An ideal solution to housing seems to have some commonalities. A situation that has only your company’s employees, at close proximity, with known vacancy and occupancy limits, while staying affordable, seems to be the most ideal housing option for short-term housing. It is possible through some planning and foresight from company decision-makers.

Corporate Mobile Housing, Inc. has an option that encompasses many of these ideal factors and quite a few added benefits. Corporate Mobile Housing offers fully-furnished, maintained, private housing options to fit the needs of employers. With a like-home feel, the short-term housing properties are fully customizable to accommodate the needs of the employees and provide a safe, affordable housing option for employers.

The properties built by Corporate Mobile Housing are more residential than man-camps and come with a network of highly-capable maintenance and vendor sources to ensure the community is taken care of and repaired as needed. Additionally, the cost can be at times close to half the cost of man-camps and hotels.

From the early stages of planning a property, Corporate Mobile Housing helps their client to achieve the goal of providing safe and convenient housing for employees. The properties can be provided on the company’s own properties, in many areas common to the energy and construction industries, or the properties can be built directly (and conveniently) on the worksite to allow for little to no commute time. Corporate Mobile Housing helps their clients to plan the property site to their needs, assists in the process of obtaining permits, contractors, preliminary setup, and necessary hookups to make the property fully-functioning. From planning to site development to building and maintaining, Corporate Mobile Housing provides expert assistance to make the transition to private housing as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Corporate Mobile Housing has many services to provide in the planning, building and maintaining of corporate short-term housing needs, including:

• Housing Units
• Food Service
• Laundry Services
• Power Generation
• Fencing
• Water and Wastewater
• Security
• Light Towers
• Mobilization/Demobilization
• Labor/Management/Maintenance
• Site Selection & Engineering
• Evaluate City, County and State Coding
• Satellite Communications

In addition to housing, the company can provide options for field offices and trailer house rentals if this is also in the needs of prospective clients. Working with field management closely, Corporate Mobile Housing can provide excellent service to fit the timelines designated by upper-management.

Corporate Mobile Housing is proudly on the ISNetworld network, displaying their commitment to an impeccable reputation, excellent safety record and all the reporting/insurance information to assure the company is in compliance and is fully prepared to manage projects for prospective clients.

The company is seeing many new areas of growth in Texas including West Odessa, Monahans, Kermit, Pecos, Cotulla and Midland, and some areas of New Mexico, including Jal and Carlsbad. However, the company can expand to areas that are dictated by their clients’ needs, either on their property or land that Corporate Mobile Housing acquires and develops.

If short-term housing has been a headache in the past, contact Corporate Mobile Housing to learn more about the full array of options and services this company can provide to alleviate those hassles.

For more information: Contact John Lauve at [email protected] or call 432-232-0822

About the author: Lauren Guerra is the Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief of SHALE Magazine. For editorial inquiries, please email [email protected].

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