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The Petroleum Equipment & Services Association (PESA) is the national trade association representing 200 companies that provide the services, technology, equipment and expertise necessary to safely and efficiently explore and produce oil and natural gas.

Serving as the unified voice for the sector, and advocating for and supporting the sector’s achievements in job creation, technological innovation and economic stability, PESA seeks opportunities to further empower its members and support this vital sector. The organization’s ongoing work is embodied in its mantra: “Train, Elevate, Network,” which translates into a broad range of programs and services focused on workforce development, advocacy and business intelligence. In 2018, PESA will continue to add opportunities in support of these principles.

The association’s workforce development and training programs have been a valuable resource to its members, particularly during the challenging times of the last couple of years when most companies were hard-pressed to prioritize resources for training. In 2017, PESA conducted more than 70 seminars, training programs and leadership forums; and the schedule for 2018 is even more robust. The workforce development programs are designed to cultivate talent, strengthening skills and competitiveness.

Another priority for PESA is to elevate how the oilfield service sector is perceived. The organization engages with policymakers on legislation and regulations that impact the safety and vitality of the energy industry. As federal and state agencies move forward in implementing the administration’s agenda, PESA is increasing awareness of the issues that impact our sector and promoting education in the disciplines that drive the competitiveness of our workforce.

A valuable service that underpins all PESA events, programs and activities is the opportunity to network across the supply chain with key customers and industry thought leaders. In addition to building relationships with colleagues and clients, events are focused on keeping members up-to-date with trends and issues impacting the industry.

In order to expand the business intelligence offered to the sector, PESA has identified targeted regional domestic and global locations, creating group settings where members can address region-specific issues through an influential industry group, engage in best-practice sharing within antitrust compliance and receive sector-specific industry intelligence.

Domestically, the PESA districts are the Gulf Coast, Mid-Continent/Rockies, Northeast and West TX/South TX.  In 2017, regional district meetings were held in Midland and Odessa, Texas; Oklahoma City; and Lafayette, Louisiana. In 2018, PESA will continue to grow in West Texas and the Mid-Continent regions, adding events in Midland and Denver, as well as expanding the Northeast district with a meeting in Pittsburgh.

Regional District Chairmen promote PESA as a resource in their districts, building strategic relationships with regional stakeholders as appropriate, and hold membership meetings with executive-level speakers from leading exploration and production companies.

Utilizing a regional district growth model to scale for success in targeted international locations, the association implemented a phased approach with strategic intent for global growth starting with the Mexico market. PESA also hosted a Middle East Regional District Meeting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on Nov. 14, bringing in an operator executive and U.S. diplomatic officials. In 2018, the association will continue to identify ways to serve members in Mexico, develop a Middle East Steering Committee and add a meeting in Asia.

PESA exists and prospers because it offers specific benefits to its members that cannot be realized individually — it has done this successfully for more than eight decades and will continue to do so in the years ahead.

Companies across the oilfield service, supply and manufacturing sector see real value from PESA and know the association is working to strengthen both individual companies and the entire sector. PESA is confident that with the right focus, continued innovation and a commitment to working together, we can successfully navigate the challenges we face now and in the future.


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