Oil and Gas Magazine and Career Choices


If you are considering a career in the oil and gas industry, we have just one thing to say to you: Good choice. Why is that? Well, there are several reasons why choosing a career in the oil and gas industry is a good choice. Sale, your oil and gas magazine, gives you a few.

The Pay is Impressive

If you want to earn a decent salary and get paid what you are worth, the oil and gas industry is for you. The professions in this industry are among the highest paid in any sector. And don’t expect your income to stall when you reach a certain level; as your career progresses, so will your salary. With the right expertise and right experience, you can live the American dream and move well into a six-figure income.

In addition to a healthy salary, there are many positions in the industry that will add in lucrative bonuses and a host of other financial incentives. If you aim high, consider a career in the oil and gas industry.

Work Anywhere You Wish

If you are sick of the small town or big city you are currently living in, consider taking a position in the oil and gas industry in a place where you want to live. Oil and gas jobs aren’t just available in a few select places, they are available in most parts of the country. Heck, they are available in most parts of the world. If the place you choose to work loses its magic after a few years, then pack things up and move to another place to settle into.

Flexible Work Hours

There are people who have grown bored with the traditional work schedule of Monday through Friday 9 to 5 hours. Many employers in the oil and gas industry are open to flexible hours, meaning you can work hours that suit you best. For example, if you are working offshore, you will be working 12 hour days. You will work for a period of six weeks and then have six weeks off. Imagine all the things you can accomplish during the time off.

Stability and Longevity

The oil and gas industry will be needing good, hard workers for many many years, which means you don’t have to worry about moving on to a different job in a different industry. In fact, it’s a safe bet that if you started working in the industry today at your very young age, you can expect to retire from this very same industry in 40 years or so.

You Have Choices

There are many types of jobs in the oil and gas industry, there is certainly one just right for you. There are jobs in the industry that require a lot of schooling but there are also jobs in the industry that require no schooling or very little schooling. There are jobs that you need to have a ton of experience and jobs that will take you on board with very little experience.

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