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In The Oil Patch: Episode 193 – John Tintera Live Show

ITOP John Tintera Featured
ITOP John Tintera Featured

In The Oil Patch – Episode 193: This week on “In The Oil Patch”: host Kym Bolado welcomes John Tintera, Executive at the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers onto the show for a special live show!

During the live taping, Kym and John took phone calls from a live call-in line, so stream this whole episode to see how it went!

Excerpt from the show:

[00:00] Alvin Bailey: Welcome to In The Oil Patch presented by SHALE Magazine and sponsored by steer broadcasting today from Aggreko studios – Aggreko powering the Permian! In The Oil Patch is where together we explore topics that affect us all in oil, gas, business, and in your community. Every week, your host Kym Bolado will visit with the movers and shakers in this fast-paced industry. You’ll hear from industry experts, elected officials, and many more right here on In The Oil Patch.

[00:28] Kym Bolado: Hi, I’m your host, Kym Bolado and today we have a great show lined up for you! We are actually live in-studio here at Oilfield Experts Studio and our guest today is John Tintera, one of the smartest guys that I know when it comes to oil and gas.

[00:44] He is the President currently at the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. John comes with a vast amount of information when it comes down to oil and gas. He’s also a licensed geologist. Some of the areas of his expertise revolve around upstream oil and gas exploration, transportation, production, and conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

[01:13] As the former Executive Director with 22 years under his belt with the Texas Railroad Commission, he is considered to be one of the most premiere oilfield regulators in the nation, folks! John oversaw the entire regulatory process from drilling permits, compliance, inspection, oil spill responses, pollution, remediation and pipeline transportation.

[01:36] This man knows his stuff and we’re thrilled to have him as our guest today to answer your questions. If you want to call in and ask John a question, please feel free to call into (210) 526-3656.

[01:55] Now let me just take a moment to tell you about our latest issue SHALE Magazine. The cover is Steve Keenan, who is the Senior Vice President in worldwide exploration for Apache Corporation. David Blackmon was able to catch up with him and cover Alpine high (located in the Permian Basin). This is a great company with an excellent story. I encourage you to read all about it at www.SHALEmag.com.

[02:25] Lastly, I’d like to take a moment to invite you to join us at Capitol Day 2019 with the Texas Energy Advocates Coalition (better known as TEAC). If you want to know more about the energy industry, attend great mixers, networking events or board the bus as we head to the capitol to advocate for all things energy, then this is the group for you to join! It’s free, so be sure to look us up on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – Texas Energy Advocates Coalition.

[03:01] Now it’s time to welcome John Tintera, the President of Texas Alliance of Energy Producers. John, welcome back to the show!

[03:08] John Tintera: Well thank you so much. It’s really a distinct pleasure and honor to be here. I’ve watched the work of SHALE Magazine and the various people that contribute to it for a while and it’s a voice that needs to be heard.

Never has there been a more important time for that voice to be heard than today in the world that we’re facing today, and in the political winds that are blowing across the landscape of Texas today. So I think there’s an important story that needs to be told, and I think that there are some important stories that need to be refuted. I hope today we can cover some of those.

[03:41] Kym: Well, you know, that’s what I’m excited about too, John. We have a great relationship with the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers and I think as you stated earlier, we have a lot of opposition to energy and there’s a lot of misinformation as well.

One of the greatest associations that we have is your organization because you are really out there, like we are, in the community trying to get the information that’s accurate to the community so that way we who are outside the oil and gas sector can make really good decisions for us and of course for the future. So tell me a little bit about the Alliance. What’s its mission?

[04:20] John: Well, the Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is over 70 years old and proud! It really is the voice of the independent oil and gas industry in the state of Texas. We are a statewide organization, we have focused on a number of very important issues over our lifetime, but none as important than what we face today.

What we face today is really an effort to make sure that science and fact get applied to all the conversations and all the discussions that are occurring in the oil field as policies get made. Texas Alliance of Energy Producers is an entity that’s headquartered in Austin, Texas. I’m very proud to be the President with them and I’ve been associated with them for over five years. Before that, as my resume says, I was working for a state regulator, so I bring a tremendous amount of experience.

[05:09] I also have worked for some of the largest (and some of the smallest) oil companies in the world, and as many of your listeners won’t know about me, my environmental credentials are very strong.

I’ve proudly cleaned up more pollution than anybody you’ll ever have on this radio show – over 3,000 sites and counting! Everything from Asbestos to Zinc because I ran the pollution cleanup section for well over a decade at the Railroad Commission of Texas. We’re putting on special events on April 2nd and 3rd with our expos in Irving, Texas at Irvin Convention Center (10 minutes from the airport). We have hundreds of booths and well over a thousand attendees.

[05:56] We have some tremendous speakers: Commissioner Ryan Sitton of the Texas Railroad Commission will be delivering a breakfast keynote on April 3rd, 2019, Kenneth Hersh of the George W. Bush Presidential Center and he’s going to be delivering our luncheon keynote.

We have special seminars that’ll be going on on April 2nd April 3rd and frankly, if you are interested, involved or have a product that you want to expose to numerous, if not hundreds, if not thousands of entities come to our expo! Please contact us by visiting our website: www.texasalliance.org. Look us up, reach out to us, reach out to me personally. If I can help you, we would love to have you come.

We’d like to invite all of our friends and all of our guests to come to this Texas Expo. Join with us as we spread the knowledge, spread the word and celebrate the community of the Texas oil patch.

[06:51] Kym: Of course you will find SHALE Magazine and In The Oil Patch out there too. So we definitely want to encourage everyone to go with us because it’s always a great time for networking and opportunity.

As you know, we’re getting ready to start taking some phone calls here. We’ve got quite a few lined up already to talk to you. I’m pretty excited about that because leading up to this, we’ve been on the air for three years, John.

For these past three years we have just had an onslaught of emails and inquiries from Facebook just trying to get information and it just seems it’s so limited. So this live show was just a natural progression and I’m glad we have partnered with the right people to get information out there to the public.

[07:33] John: Nothing is more important than the one to one dialogue of American citizen to American citizen done in a world of free speech where all routes, all parties are respected and listened to.

What we will be presenting here today today to the listeners and to the callers that come in are the science and the facts that should be underlying the policies that may or may not be put into place in the near future.

I will say that those policies that we’re seeing currently in Washington DC and there we’re seeing in some other states are something that every American should be opening their eyes and taking a very close look at. The decisions that we make within this next election cycle can either make or break the economy of the United States of America in the future.

[08:20] Kym: I’m very concerned too because there is so much information out there that is so negative against the energy industry and a lot of it is not backed by any kind of science. It’s a bunch of scare tactics. They’ll take a small percentage of what is really based on science and just completely blow it up into being something completely different. I hope today within the show we get some really good calls.

I do want to cover the Green New Deal that’s been proposed and on the table because I think it’s very important to start showing the community that we are really not prepared to go off the grid in any way. If we go off the grid, we will basically die. We’re not there yet.

I don’t want to seem like a drama queen, but the truth of the matter is we still need oil and gas and I’ll give you a couple examples: Today is an amazingly cold day and we are so nice and warm in our homes and we are driving our cars to the grocery store and we are enjoying the luxuries that oil and gas provides to us. I am not going to part with my makeup. No way. No how. We are not going off the grid.

[09:38] Jokes aside and with that said, let’s go ahead and take our first caller. Our first caller is David Blackmon, the Editor of SHALE Magazine. David, welcome to the show!

[09:49] David Blackmon: Let me just start by welcoming John Tintera to the show and thanking him for doing this. There’s nobody better or more knowledgeable about this industry in Texas, and so he’s the perfect guy to be doing this live show format.

[10:28] Kym: John, how far back do you and David go?

[10:31] John: Well, David has been a voice for oil and gas for many years and frankly I’ve always admired his incredible skillful writing talents and editorial talents. He’s been able to successfully transfer that in the past several years to his social media voice.

In that social media voice, I like to follow him closely because he is an extremely timely conservative voice that speaks the truth to power. That is one of the most impressive things that I think you can say about a journalist.

[11:01] Kym: Well, I couldn’t agree with you more, especially him being the editor of SHALE Magazine. It has truly brought our magazine to a point where we’re really getting amazing interest on a global scale. I think together with the Alliance coming in now, we’re going to really have an amazing show – something that we can really talk to the American people about.

[13:33] David: I do think it’s very important for us to talk today about this Green New Deal that was rolled out this week. I guess they kind of taken the talking point sheet down from the websites, but everybody got to see what was in it.

Of course, part of what’s in it, John, is a proposal (in the course of printing 40 trillion new dollars that we don’t have) spending a bunch of money to somehow eliminate fossil fuels, including oil and gas from our nation’s economy over the next 10 years. I wanted to get your comments on that and your thoughts on whether or not that’s feasible and how doing something like that would impact the Texas economy.

[14:29] John: David, I think that’s a question that’s on everyone’s mind and when it comes to Texas, the impact would be severe when it comes to the nation, the impact would be reckless. The fact that even a dialog exists means that the oil and gas industry is not doing a good enough job getting its facts out in front of the public.

That’s one of the reasons why I’m here today to address things just like this. When you look at how the green new deal was rolled out, I went to perhaps one of the most friendly environmental websites and entities that exist: the National Public Radio.

They’re closing comment is quote, “…the Green New Deal framework combines big climate change related ideas with a wish list of progressive economic proposals that, taken together, would touch nearly every American and overhaul the economy.

[15:23] Well that speaks for itself. This effort to try to, by fiat and by legislation, change what is a capitalist market-based, employment-oriented, jobs-oriented, tax base-oriented industry of the oil and gas industry is a fundamentally and intrinsically dangerous effort to move forward without any type of full planning. I’m looking right at the resolution as I’m speaking to you.

The House resolution for the 117th Congress in the first session is available and it’s public. I’d recommend everybody go ahead and read it. Make sure you’re sitting down while you do it. One of the things that you need to recognize is they don’t say in this resolution what it’s going to achieve.

[16:32] No one is saying how much greenhouse gas is going to be eliminated. People aren’t saying what are the temperatures that are going to be stabilized. What are they going to be stabilized at? What I’m seeing here is a political manifesto. I’m not seeing an energy plan. I’m not seeing something that you can build a budget around.

Instead what I am seeing are talking points for political party that is rapidly moving toward the left side of the political spectrum and wanting to do so based on a Green New Deal that frankly to most Americans is going to be the new Raw Deal.

[17:10] Kym: Wow, that’s interesting. David, thank you for your call and we look forward to you calling back in.

[17:20] Those are some really big statements that you made there, John. I think hopefully everybody is paying attention that we just don’t know enough and there’s just not enough explanation in there. She took it down really quickly, overnight, and that might be some of the reasons why.

[17:39] Let’s bring on our next caller. Our next caller is Courtney. She has a question for you as well, John. Courtney, welcome to In The Oil Patch radio show.

[17:48] Courtney: Hi Kym, how are you?

[17:49] Kym: I am good. Thank you for calling in today and being a supporter of the show.

[17:55] Courtney: Yes, absolutely. I just had a question for John about the general volatility in the market right now. It seems like West Texas is booming again, but it still seems like the prices are pretty low and pretty volatile and I’m just wondering when do you think we might be a return in high crude prices and what’s kept them down so long?

[18:23] John: Well, thank you Courtney. It’s a very astute question. One of the things that Texas Alliance of Energy does is we employ an economist and that economist has a special Texas Petro Index. That Petro Index has been tracked since the mid 1990s to try to help us predict exactly what your question will answer.

One of the things that we have seen in the past two months (November and December of 2018) for the first time in three years, the Petro Index, which is an amalgamation of numerous economic indicators actually dropped. We’ve never seen the Petro Index drop without beginning what is the start of a very bearish market that will take a strong bull market to turn it around.

So we are going to need to watch the next few months carefully. What’s really happening is that no one should forget that crude oil is a global commodity and as the geopolitical winds and the production worldwide ebbs and flows, that’s going to have a dramatic impact on the United States.

[19:27] That being said, one of the few things that the United States can boast of (that many other countries cannot boast of) is the political stability that capitalism brings to oil and gas production. Any threat to that political stability of oil and gas production is going to simply make investors go elsewhere and make it harder to raise capital and to continue the drilling.

Right now we have about 500 rigs running in the Permian basin. We look at some of the statistics that we have out there and you’re going to see that the Railroad Commission is issuing 1,200 or 1,300 drilling permits a month. It’s a very important part of the economic scenario of Texas, but it is price driven. It will continue to be price driven as long as there is a capitalist overlay on the industry.

Whenever that capitalist overlay starts to disappear, you’re going to see a significant threat to the economy of not just Texas, the economy of not just the United States, but literally the economy of the world and a threat to worldwide recession and a tremendous increase in the cost of living.

As I mentioned about the international aspect, let’s not forget that right now in France there’s literally rise in the sens du lousy as the yellow vests are protesting raises in taxes because of the energy and the cost for diesel. There can never be an effort that is not firmly based on science and fact that can, in any way, disturb the economic well being of our average citizen.

Please listen to the whole show in the embedded player below to get all the great information John Tintera shared with us!

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