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In The Oil Patch: Debut Episode – SHALE Magazine’s Kym Bolado

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The first episode of “In The Oil Patch” has arrived!

In this first episode of “In The Oil Patch“, host Kym Bolado, Publisher and CEO of Shale Oil and Gas Business Magazine gives our listeners some insight on the future of oil and gas. She also gives a summation of her professional background, insight on the future of oil and gas and explains why Shale Magazine is becoming a powerhouse in the information age. Kym is joined by her co-host, Roy Holley in this debut episode that you will not want to miss!


Excerpt from this week’s episode of “In The Oil Patch”

Roy: “Tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from and how did you get into this magazine business.”

Kym: “Well, that definitely has been a journey and a story. I really am so excited that this is our first show and to start the open discussion on oil and gas with the community and the business sector to hopefully cover issues that pertain about oil and gas that effect all of us. The way that I started the magazine was actually due to, I was in transition deciding what I wanted to go into my next career change. I decided that oil and gas was a field that I had very little knowledge in and yet I truly believed that what was happening here was important involving oil and gas and how it was connecting with businesses.

“I have been an entrepreneur for the majority of my life and I realized that when oil and gas is doing well, businesses do well. When businesses do well, the community does well. There was so much information occurring in media talking about issues and problems so I just decided to jump in and start getting involved to try to understand: was this really a good thing for our state?”


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-Originally aired on 02/07/2015-

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