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I consider myself lucky to be a part of the oil and gas industry in South Texas. Our industry boasts a corporate culture that is both innovative and inclusive. Innovative because the oil and gas industry has a way of adapting to the various needs of the community and the environment. Inclusive because we make it a priority to work in collaboration with those living and working in South Texas.

A skilled workforce is imperative to develop assets in the Eagle Ford Shale region, and STEER is dedicated to assisting in training throughout South Texas. I am proud of the work we have done over the last four years to educate students throughout South Texas about the importance of the oil and gas industry, the career opportunities available, the importance of safety in and around the workplace and the innovation that goes into the production process. STEER members have offered scholarships to area high school students, given presentations on the industry and participated in numerous career fairs, summer camps and other school district-sponsored activities.

Last year, STEER partnered with the San Antonio Spurs, Holt Cat and SHALE Oil & Gas Business Magazine to host students from South Texas for a one-day oil and gas education program at its first Spurring Energy Education Day event in San Antonio. The event brought 1,000 students to the AT&T Center for a day that was filled with fun and educational activities to inform the future workforce about the many opportunities that await them upon graduation.

In addition to the educational outreach programs that STEER members participate in, the oil and gas industry places a premium on the protection of the environment. STEER members participate in trash pickup programs, land reclamation efforts and tree planting, to name a few. Beyond the beautification efforts, what you may not see is the innovation and technological advances that go into preserving the environment.

Committed to the Community - Omar Garcia STEER South Texas Energy & Economic RoundtableNot only do we encourage members to stay involved in their communities and protect the environment, but we honor those working with the oil and gas community during our annual Eagle Ford Excellence Awards. The awards are focused on recognizing companies and organizations for diligent efforts to preserve the environment, ensure safety in and around the Eagle Ford Shale region and give back to the community in which they live in and serve.
The Eagle Ford Excellence Awards recognize companies and organizations that are acting with the values that STEER sees as essential for continued advancements that benefit the greater South Texas community.

Although 2016 was a tough year in the oil and gas industry, it’s encouraging to see that the oil and gas industry’s commitment to the communities of South Texas has not wavered.


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