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Back when U.S. history and civics were taught in schools, citizens learned that an important part of preserving freedom in America is the balance and diffusion of power between the three branches of the federal government — the executive, legislative and judicial. Even less understood in our system is...
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The WEN National Conference took place in Houston at the Marriott Marquis Houston April 26–28. Bringing together more than 500 participants from across the country and from multiple disciplines in the energy industry, the conference showcased relevant topics focusing on the theme Energy Resilience: Refueling Innovation. Photos courtesy of SHALE
San Antonio boasts one of the top 25 theme parks in America, according to TripAdvisor respondents. Since it opened in 2010, Morgan’s Wonderland has welcomed more than a million guests from all 50 states and 67 other countries. And it’s the only nonprofit in the TripAdvisor ranking. Morgan’s Wonderland recently...
SHALE July Aug 2017 Featured
Below, you’ll find the Business our July/August 2017 issue of SHALE Oil & Gas Business Magazine featuring Wayne Christian, the newest elected Commissioner for the Texas Railroad Commission. Read his inspiring story below and feel free to read any of our previous magazines by going to our Magazine Issues page.
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There is a time for planning and a time for action. As the 85th Texas Legislative Session wound down this past month, it took action and passed Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 26 out of both the House and the Senate in a bipartisan effort to highlight Texans’ concerns about...
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When and where does leadership start? It begins in childhood and develops throughout a lifetime. One’s values and belief systems form the behaviors they bring to leadership. Their self-esteem and self-image play a huge role in the confidence they project. Business acumen, critical thinking and experience contribute to their...
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In mid-June, the Trump administration moved closer toward rescinding methane rules imposed during the Obama administration that, on paper, would limit the amount of methane released into the atmosphere from oil and gas operations. Also in mid-June, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a two-year ban on the requirement that...
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Politicians, who promise to stem the seemingly inevitable growth and pervasive presence of government, typically follow one of these three imperfect equations: 1) they profess a certain position or philosophy (for political expediency) but don’t really believe it; 2) they genuinely believe a certain position or philosophy but lack the political...
Chairman Wayne Christian
In many ways, the story of the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is the story of the last century of America’s oil and gas industry. In part, that’s because 2017 marks the 100th anniversary of the Railroad Commission’s authority to regulate the oil and natural gas industry in the...

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