Amrina: Writing the Story of a New Venture


Following years of experience in the hospitality industry, my brother, Preet Paul, and I had a bank of knowledge when it comes to what customers want, what restaurants are offering and what we could do differently to truly shake up the industry. After traveling to hotspots around the world and conducting some pretty delicious research, we came to the conclusion that now, more than ever, consumers are looking for more than just great food, cocktails and incredible service. Today, customers are drawn to the personality of a restaurant, their values and the overall experience. With that in mind, Kahani Social Group, our hospitality brand, was born. 

The Kahani Story

The word “kahani” translates to “story,” which is the driving force behind the brand. Each concept we open will act as its own book in the library of Kahani. Our group is about being bold and pushing the norms and expectations of hospitality. We’re thrilled to have recently announced the first story on our shelf with Amrina. “Amrina” translates to “princess,” and our concept will come to life through her. After traveling the world, the Indian-born princess settled in The Woodlands, and, much like her, the menu will reflect her international flair and Indian soul. 

Who is Amrina?

Amrina represents women all over the world. While the translation to princess mirrors the luxurious lifestyle associated with the restaurant, it more accurately represents every woman’s ability to make an impact in the world. Amrina is a catalyst that empowers other women, which is expressed through the restaurant’s representation of women-owned and produced wines as well as menu and cocktail items named in honor of dynamic and influential women. 

She is alluring and mysterious, which is reflected in the design of the restaurant, including the luxurious jewel tones, gold embellished details and complex mix of dimension and texture. Her charming, social personality is also manifested in the spirit of the restaurant in that it’s not just a place to sit and eat; it is a complete social experience. From fascinating cocktails to beautifully plated entrees, there’s something that appeals to each of the five senses. Guests can also enjoy the eclectic, chef-driven menu in the restaurant’s cocktail lounge, main dining room, 30-foot indoor-outdoor bar which serves both the patio and main dining room, princess garden seating with booths facing the fine wine selection, private dining room, semi-private dining or in-kitchen chef’s table, where Chef Jassi Bindra will serve guests and guide them through the menu himself.


The Authors of the Story

Our General Manager and our Chef were absolutely the missing pieces we needed to write the story of Amrina. Chef Jassi Bindra’s impressive resume speaks volumes about his industry knowledge and credibility. Before moving to Texas, he was the Executive Chef at Punjab Grill, and his menu and creative execution landed the restaurant a Michelin plate and mention in the Michelin guide in 2019. His vision for the menu tells a beautiful story about where Amrina has been and who she is today. Coupled with Chef Jassi’s expertise, General Manager, Giorgio Ferrero, is uniquely equipped to lead our wine program. Giorgio’s resume includes working alongside James Beard award-winning chefs, earning the Wine Spectator Grand Award from 2008 to 2011 at Valentino in Las Vegas, where he curated a 6,000-bottle wine list and working with Michelin Star Chef, Vincent Pouessel at Aureole. Though my brother and I enjoy cooking and a glass of wine, Giorgio and Chef Jassi are among the best in their fields, and what’s more, they understand and are equally as passionate about the story of Amrina.  

From social media to the menu and the restaurant design, every step we’ve taken in crafting the Amrina brand acts as another chapter in Amrina’s story, and we’re genuinely thrilled to “publish” it when we open to the public. As we continue to build our library, we hope to bring similar experiences to adventurous diners across the globe. 

About the Author: In 2021, Surpreet Singh, along with his brother, Preet Paul, founded Kahani Social Group, a luxury boutique hospitality group dedicated to creating unique social experiences. His responsibilities include managing the restaurant group’s operations, and his creative direction and background in the industry play a pivotal role in the development of the brand, which plans to open its first concept in 2022.


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