Tool Enables Safe Handling of Tubulars


 While the oil and gas industry has long harbored innovative thinking and technological advancements, many of the improvements have been birthed in response to incidents and injuries. Responding to crush and pinch points, among other hazards, Tubular Rollers LLC exercised its version of innovation in 2014 when it introduced the Tubular Roller.

 The Tubular Roller provides a more bang for the buck scenario, allowing workers to handle casing more safely. Additionally, it increases efficiency and can even eliminate the number of personnel needed to perform the work.

 The Tubular Roller provides users the opportunity to roll casing down a rack without ever having to lay hands on it. This serves as a considerable advancement as handling casing historically has brought crushed hands and lacerations.

 How Does It Work?

 Tubular Rollers are available in most common sizes of casing, drill pipe, and tubing.  After receiving the required Tubular Roller, it is inserted into the pin end of the casing.  The user should face the Tubular Roller and place both hands in the designated areas of the shaft.

 Walking forward, the Tubular Roller moves the casing forward and away from the user’s body. When reaching the desired destination, the user should stop. Halting the forward motions stops the Tubular Roller, and as a result, the casing ceases rolling. After the casing comes to a complete stop, the user should remove the Tubular Roller.

 When the situation requires the casing to be dropped to a lower level, the user should slowly roll the casing to the drop point and when it approaches the ledge, let the casing fall with the tool still inside the tubular. The user should be sure to stand clear when dropping casing to lower levels.

 According to Chuck Henkes of Tubular Rollers LLC, the tool’s design is crucial for practical use in the field. The wheel design allows for insertion into the casing without compromising or damaging internal threads. The material utilized in its design enables durability.

 “The materials used to create the Tubular Roller have seen improvements over the years,” said Henkes. “Each of its improvements have led to its longevity and safe use in the field for our customers.” 

Customers who rent the Tubular Roller receive additional tools to ensure a successful outcome. A Job Safety Analysis drafted by Tubular Rollers LLC professionals is available for download on the company’s website. Following the JSA steps serves as a well-paved path to a positive outcome.

Tubular Rollers LLC also provides customers an instructional video on their website. Correct and safe use cannot be denied with such a process. With each item accounted for and every possible safety factor applied, the Tubular Roller can be identified as an ally to those who rent it.

Implementation Challenges

Introducing something new into an industry that subscribes to a repeat successful process strategy is not met with immediate support. Securing an audience to witness the tool’s performance can be challenging.

“Introducing the Tubular Roller, in the beginning, was challenging,” said Henkes. “There was nothing to compare it to. Nothing else could be found on the market that rolled casing on elevated pipe racks. Now the majority of our business is repetitive by nature.”

The Tubular Roller began receiving notice because it eliminates the need for workers to touch the casing. They say that seeing is believing, so Tubular Rollers LLC offers the free demonstration in keeping with that mantra.

“We believe that if a customer sees the Tubular Roller in action, they will come to appreciate its value,” said Henkes. “We offer a one-time free use on a casing run.”

The tool features a specific characteristic that assists in wading through the challenge. It is the first tool developed that handles the casing from the inside of the casing. Validating the significance of this factor, Henkes said, “The only other item used to move casing from its interior diameter was a 2×4.”

Tool Benefits

The Tubular Roller provides excellent value in comparison to its rental cost. While not available for purchase, the tool’s rental fee fades in contrast to the benefits it offers.

“The tool reduces downtime,” said Henkes.

The Tubular Roller converts a two-person job into a one-person application. That second person is now free to perform tasks that would typically have to wait. 

“With the Tubular Roller eliminating that additional person, he is now available to change liners, clean pits and perform other important tasks,” said Henkes.

The Tubular Roller’s most significant benefit is its ability to enable a safe work outcome. Eliminating the need for that additional employee drastically reduces the chance of injury from being crushed between the pipe rack and rig. Additionally, pinch point injuries and laceration potential see a significant reduction of occurrence.

The tool’s superior engineering and construction serve as significant players in safety assurance. While other tools were not necessarily designed for the same use, employees have attempted to use them as a Tubular Roller substitute. The result manifested as a broken tool laying on the ground while employees engaged in the historically tricky process of rolling pipes.

The Tubular Roller’s design and build using aircraft-grade aluminum and other superior materials provides for efficient and longstanding use without breaks. It was specifically designed for this purpose, which leads to a more positive outcome where safety excellence can be achieved.

“The tool has been out for six years,” said Henkes. “It has easily run over 300 million feet of casing without injury.”

In addition to its safety enhancements and financial savings, the Tubular Roller identifies as a morale booster. It demonstrates the ability to make a job task more manageable and make for a productive day without consequence. The men and women who utilize this tool participate in grueling work, often in harsh climates. With the tool making their job easier, individuals are far more likely to use it repeatedly in the future. An increase in use correlates with an increase in safety awareness and positive outcomes.

“With our tool, rolling casing went from the job that no one wanted to the one everyone wants,” said Henkes.


Tubular Rollers LLC conducts business as a rental service only for the overwhelming purpose of quality control. Concerned for the safety and wellbeing of its customers, Tubular Rollers LLC can exercise complete control of the product. This provides the company the ability to maintain a high standard of quality and make improvements when necessary.

“We want to ensure the tool is of the highest quality continually,” said Henkes. “It is a device that promotes safety. If we can maintain its lifetime and design, we can ensure it meets the highest standard of safety and quality.” 

With the tool being a rental only, Tubular Rollers LLC still exhibits a far reach and provides availability where needed. Currently, Tubular Rollers LLC finds its corporate office in Mustang, Oklahoma. They also conduct business through a satellite office in San Angelo, Texas.

Although they are not currently conducting business in California or the offshore market, they are continually developing a stake in all areas where they can assist.

Their current reach can be found within nine states and services all domestic plays from as far west as the Permian Basin to as far east as the Marcellus and Utica Shales. No matter the location of the demand, Tubular Rollers LLC pledges to serve the market. The belief lies entrenched in the notion that a Tubular Roller is a tool that promotes efficiency and safety simultaneously, which applies to any worker in any market.

Future Goals

While every business conducts operations to earn profits, Tubular Rollers LLC is no different. They, however, feel a deep-rooted sense of responsibility for the men and women who work in the field and can benefit from using its product.

Recognizing its value and what it brings to ensuring safety, Henkes indicated the firm’s current trajectory is to be seen as a constant in a market that experiences ups and downs, and ever-changing regulations. Instead of directing attention to additional products, they adhere to continually researching and improving the Tubular Roller. They have accomplished this by steering flat rates that have remained a constant and allows for a continual contribution to the oil and gas industry.

“We want to be a lasting partner to our customers and ensure a safe working experience for the men and women that work in the field every day,” said Henkes.

About the author: Nick Vaccaro is a freelance writer and photographer. Besides providing technical writing services, he is an HSE consultant in the oil and gas industry with eight years of experience. He also contributes to Louisiana Sportsman Magazine and follows and photographs American Kennel Club field and herding trials. Nick has a BA in Photojournalism from Loyola University and resides in the New Orleans area. 210-240-7188 [email protected]


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