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Imagine being able to make a living doing what you love. Mike Mihalski of Sons of Liberty Gun Works gets to do just that. Founded in 2012 by two lifelong firearms enthusiasts and one U.S. Navy SEAL, Sons of Liberty Gun Works is the modern-day entrepreneur’s American dream come to life.

Sons of Liberty Gun Works isn’t your average firearms company; they’re known throughout the country for building products that they believe in so firmly that they give every product a lifetime warranty. They don’t just craft firearms for the occasional firearms enthusiast; they supply high-quality firearms to members of the military and law enforcement agencies who protect American citizens on a daily basis. The company not only makes their own quality product, they also do repairs, special orders, training on the AR platform and consult with various entities throughout the U.S., making them a force to be reckoned with.

Employees at Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Every employee at Sons of Liberty Gun Works is hand-picked, trained thoroughly and deemed an expert in their craft, and most are veterans. When asked why the company hires veterans, Mihalski says veterans can be counted on to come to work and don’t need to be micromanaged to accomplish the company’s mission. In one day, each of the 15 employees can build 60 rifles to precise detail while ensuring every product goes through a rigorous firing test to maintain the standard the company is known for. This meticulous process is just one of the many things that sets Sons of Liberty Gun Works above the rest.

Marketing is a key strategy for the business, and it has attributed greatly to its success. Mihalski learned the importance of building a following on social media during the infancy of Sons of Liberty Gun Works, and it has paid off — they have more than 74,000 followers on Facebook alone. Receiving most of their business through social media and recommendations from customers, they have had virtually no returns on products for performance reasons. Mihalski’s marketing strategy includes building a brand of clothing and accessories that celebrities, politicians and everyday Americans are buying at a rapid rate (which is also contributing to their popularity).

From $7,000 to Multi-Million Dollar Business: The Story of Sons of Liberty Gun Works

Mihalski started Sons of Liberty Gun Works with the last $7,000 he had in his pocket and a vision for the quality firearms he wanted to make. In 2017 alone, the company purchased $3 million in machines in order to start manufacturing their own parts, which will only help boost them above the competition even further. In 2017, Sons of Liberty Gun Works is set to see several million dollars in revenue surpassing their original goals. The company’s profits are not only used to further advance their endeavors, but they also use their revenue to give back to the community.

Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts: Going Above and Beyond

When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Mihalski was watching the news reports about the devastating impact the storm had on his fellow Texans. “I saw this group of elderly people in a nursing home, surrounded by water, and I knew I had to do something,” he says. That’s an understatement of what happened next. Mihalski called on his customers, friends of customers, and the various social media platforms that made his company successful to obtain three helicopters to assist in the efforts throughout the Houston area. When he and the team arrived on the ground in Houston, there were five helicopters and six fixed-wing aircraft that had been sent to help him in his humanitarian efforts. The organization and their friends assisted local and state authorities with any task that needed to be completed to make sure these fellow Texans in distress received what they needed.

Leading by Example: How Sons of Liberty Gun Works is Changing the Face of Philanthropy

Sons of Liberty Gun Works’ philanthropic efforts didn’t end with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts; helping out is an everyday way of life for this company. They assist first responders when their families face crises, partner with the Navy SEAL Foundation and assist local San Antonians when needed. In the day that I spent with Mihalski, he received countless emails from customers about people they know that are in need. Every company, whether big or small, should learn from Sons of Liberty Gun Works — a company can be successful and still maintain a philanthropic heart, which helps make our world a better place to live.


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